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  1. I just read somewhere that HAL has a new alcohol policy concerning bringing wine on board. I am sorry I don't have a link, perhaps someone can post this. It states that ALL wine brought on board at embarkation or in port will be subject to a corking fee. It used to be one bottle of wine or champagne per passenger at embarkation was free, right? I am going on a long cruise in Nov to South America on the Westerdam from Fort Lauderdale to Buenos Aires, so two bottles won't do it. But I was going to bring a bottle of champagne. Anyone have more info? Suzi
  2. We live in Chonburi Province, South of Pattaya, about two hours on the bay, outside of Bangkok. Since April, all travel (by land, air and land border crossings) have been closed. Covid never got so bad in Thailand compared to the rest of Asia, let alone the rest of the world. The kingdom has closed down all tourist travel and though there continues to be talk of allowing tourism, the powers that be always say they are not ready. The discussions revolve around a covid vaccine passport. But still, that alone isn't a guarantee of keeping covid out. Vaccinations are behin
  3. Well, that's another refund I will have to deal with if it is cancelled. I just assume move the booking to another sailing, but when I have done this, it never seems to work out well. I end up having to pay more! HAL doesn't do a lift and shift like other lines. Oh well.
  4. HAL still has the Nov 10, 2020 announcement up at their site asking passengers to be patient. I was hoping for something official.
  5. I saw that, but I thought it was specific to Carnival Cruises, not the corporattion. But I have a hunch it won't go either. I wish HAL would at least communicate this to passengers if that is the case.
  6. I am aware that HAL has paused bookings on my voyage pending CDC guidance. That they haven't cancelled the booking and is sitting in limbo I guess until they can figure out what to do. Till then, I am trying to figure out what My options are. I booked through a TA and have left a message with my agent to see if I can transfer my booking to another date or rebook another voyage in Jan that is 7 days long. I have a hunch my 10 day cruise will not sail as is. We aren't new to HAL but don't cruise on their ships often. I was wondering if anyone here knows what options I h
  7. I dont have that info, but its definitely a long study. We will get the second injection in December, detailed followup for a month, then periodic visits, several months apart. Our first shot was in Oct, the second 8 weeks apart. After the second shot, for two weeks, daily temp checks logged into a diary. Then for the rest of 2021, just periodic check ups. Our hope is to have received the real thing so as to get early immunity. But if a vaccine from another study becomes available, we would be informed of our immunity or lack thereof if we want to quit the study, which we can do a
  8. I am in the Merck vaccine study. When a viable vaccine is approved, we were told that it will be revealed who got the plecibo and who got the real thing so we could get a covid shot. But our study is different from the others. The Merck vaccine doesn't need to be kept frozen. It's the existing measles vaccine with the covid spikes spliced onto it. There are two versions of the Merck shot, one and two vaccines. I am in the two shot group. So the advantage to the Merck vaccine is that it's easy to transport as it doesn't require a low temp storage. It too is very close. I don't know about the
  9. I have been tested several times for medical tests like my Colonoscopy, and after returning from overseas, which was the antibody test. All negative. Those initiated by my medical provider said no news was good news. Obviously, I tested negative to the two nasal swab tests I got, as my procedures went off without issue. But the blood test I had, which was also negative, I did have a record of it through the labs portal. I did not receive anything in writing formally.
  10. We are currently booked on 2 Jan 2020 southern Caribbean 10 night cruise and I called HAL yesterday after hearing about the hold on cruises 8 day or longer from a friend booked on Princess. I was told that as of right now, our booking has not been cancelled, but no new bookings on the voyage will occur until they work out the issue with the itinerary. We would be okay being rebooked on a 5 night back to back. But I was lead to believe, once they figure out what they will do, our agent will be notified with our options, which will be the usual refund or FCC. We will have the option
  11. When I send off a request, I do so via email and attach my statement. I seem to hear back from them in under a week, sometimes the next day. But I was always under the impression that my statement must be dated 90 days or less of the sail date to qualify. I have never sent in a statement a year in advance. But from input here, it appears early submissions are being accepted. Suzi
  12. Will Royal Caribbean continue to offer the shareholder benefit? I know they recently had their annual meeting. Just curious. Thanks, Suzi Sent from my I3123 using Forums mobile app
  13. I went on a tour to China in March 2019. But my 10 year visa is in my old expired passport. So if they check my passport it won't have a record of my visit. Just saying checking passports aren't a foolproof way of telling who has been and who has not.
  14. It's got an electric pick-up via battery. You hear nothing. It's made for travel. My husband has another acoustic travel guitar that also has a pickup for an amplifier but seldom takes that one. The travel guitar he takes on a cruise has a neck that folds down and fits into a backpack. It's awesome.
  15. My husband can plug his earphones into his acoustic travel guitar. Only he can hear it. He's never had any issues but many people are curious.
  16. Hi there... I began this thread. We are in Thailand and before this cruise in May, we are going scuba diving in the Philippines two weeks prior. Luckily we have low cost flights to Tokyo the day before. We are flexible and can travel back to North America at anytime. But the Millennium would be our first choice. Thailand has things very much under control. As does most of South East Asia. But I personally wouldn't go to Singapore as the Chinese for better or worse can't come into Thailand. Many are heading to Singapore and Myanmar as they aren't being allowed to remain in Thailand. Can't blam
  17. This is the OP... I live in Asia so I am not anymore concerned than anyone else here in Thailand. There are discussions here by Healthcare professionals that this virus could be a concern here until June. I am not talking about the US where it seems things are under better control. I will be heading to North America on the Millennium. We have some US news coverage via international stations like the BBC and stuff online. I was really more curious how things are shaping up there in the US as opposed to Asia where I am. No, I won't be canceling my cruise. It's heading t
  18. Just curious what impact the coronavirus will have on sailings departing Asia to North America in the coming months as ships return for their Alaska season. Currently there is a lot of hysteria (some valid concerns some not) but only in the coming months will we learn the real ramifications this will have on travel to and from Asia, not necessarily China. I live in Thailand where the country is bracing for more virus related illness in the coming months. Due to its proximity, tourism from China has been on the rise. At the moment the few cases seem to be contained but
  19. Taking the Millennium across to Vancouver in May. Anyone know if Graeme will be back as CC host?
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