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  1. Thank you for the reply. I had seen alot of the people winning these spots were in their early 20's so thats why I said we would be the old farts. :-) Thanks for the new thread info. I think our flight gets into Orlando around that same time from Atlanta via Columbus. We just found out that we are pregnant so looks like we will not be partying so much, maybe we will be hanging out in the casino now. Thanks again.
  2. Hello. I was a winner from a radio here in Columbus Ohio. I havent been on a cruise but my wife has so Im pretty excited. Im 37 and my wife is 31 but after seeing everyone on the Budlight Cruise MySpace page, im wondering if we are the old farts going on this cruise!! I have already paid for everything and got our flights into Orlando and are going out of PC. Hopefully they have a bus or something to get us to PC! Has anyone heard who is the big concert is? I also seen where someone said something about Blackberrys?? Any truth to that rumor? It would be nice if they did supply the Bud Light the entire time but I guess you cant complain about an almost free cruise.;) Have a great day
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