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    France-Burgundy/Provence Cruising

    I am trying to sort through the various cruise companies and their offerings for fall of 2013. Some are already sold out as I am finding, some have their ships chartered etc. I love to visit all the small towns/villages, get a feel for local history, the way of life etc and am not all that concerned about museums, churches etc. While the quality of the food and onboard service are important, I am not a foodie, I would like the best daily tours. Any opinions? I have looked at Viking, Uniworld, AMA and Scenic. I also want a post cruise extension to Barcelona, not Nice or Monte Carlo. All suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. newfirsttimer

    AMA Waterways Coffee Question

    Does anyone know or remember whether there is Decaf coffee available on AMA, hopefully not of the instant variety? I have to avoid caffeine but love my morning coffee. Thanks.
  3. newfirsttimer

    AMA Prague to Nuremberg

    Does anyone know if the bus that takes you from Prague to Nuremberg to pick up the boat, stops in any of the towns before getting to Nuremberg? I know it does a tour of Nuremberg before boarding but does it stop along the way? In the opposite direction, i.e. from Nuremberg to Prague, it does stop.
  4. We are planning on returning the rental car in P. Roma prior to going to the cruise terminal. Do we need to take a land taxi to the cruise port or can we walk with all the luggage. I understand there is a 'people mover' but is it convenient to both the car drop off and the cruise port. Our ship is suppose to be at pier 18, Maritime terminal, although the Port of Venice authority has it listed in San Basilio. Are these close by? Any information would be appreciated. Maybe we should drop one person and the luggage at the pier and then one person could drop off the car and walk back? Any experience with this?