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  1. This is such a helpful thread! We have just booked a 39 day cruise out of Auckland for March 2023. So lots of time to plan and this info will be helpful. We have been to Waiheke and did the hop on hop off bus and really enjoyed it. Happy planning, Karen
  2. Thank you all so much. Tour guide Ushuaia site was full of a lot of great info on many of the ports we will be going to . Cruise starts 1 year today!😄 We are avid photographers so thinking the 5.5 hour hiking tour would fit the bill.
  3. Anyone stayed at the Eurobuilding Hotel in the Centro area? Looks convenient. Thanks
  4. We are taking a cruise in 2022 with a stop in Ushuaia from 12-8pm. We are avid photographers, good walkers looking for a well guided tour. Any personal recommendations appreciated. Thank you so much.
  5. Thank you both for the info and recommendations. It seems to be a confusing city to know where to place yourself in the most convenient and safest place. Would you be able to tell me the name of the Recoleta hotel? Cheers, Karen
  6. Anselmo? Did you find it safe in the evenings? Thank you for the suggestion.
  7. Thank you! I hope you get to do your next booked cruises. We did a 26 day South Pacific cruise in April/May 2019 after spending time in Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. It was wonderful, Rangiroa and Bora Bora were our favourites.
  8. Thank you. You can always stay on the US side in Niagara Falls, they have added some new viewing areas over the last few years. They also now have the Maid of the Mist on the US side. Yes covid has made it difficult to travel especially since we probably took travelling across our border for granted. We will be stopping in San Antonio for a port stop, any suggestions. We have 6 more stops after San Antonio before departing in Florida. The taxi advise is fantastic. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you for the advice. I have seen that Hotel on line, good to know it was convenient. Iguazo Falls does look amazing just not sure if we have the time. I was born and raised 12 miles from Niagara Falls Ontario and it is still my favourite place in the world, just the power of the water gets me everytime. Did you happen to take the ferry to Equador for the day? Again ,thank you.
  10. Thank you for the replies. The hint of walking to the different neighbourhoods and taking taxi's back is very useful. We are planning on a DIY to Colonia, glad to hear you enjoyed it. I will look up the tour guides you both recommended. Wondering how you felt in Puerto Madero in the evening, enough to do, safe? TeeRick where did you stay, would you recommend? Traveling Library I get from your posts that the neighbourhoods are fairly close together, from reading tour books I did not get that feeling so that is encouraging. Cheers.
  11. Thank you for the reply. I will look it up. In other debarkation or embarkation ports there seems to be a clear cut area to stay but in BA I do not get that feeling. So many neighbourhoods with different pros and cons. The idea of private tours with hotel pick up is a great idea. Thanks again.
  12. I have narrowed it down to the Palermo area, Centro or Puerto Madero. Since we will be taking tours just wondering which area would be most convenient. Thanks
  13. We have booked a 2022 cruise starting in Buenos Aries. Wondering which neighbourhood would be best to stay in hotel for 3-4 nights. Looking for safety, ease to take tours and restaurants. We are in our early 60's, love photography and enjoy travelling in general. Any don't miss is sights also appreciated. Thanks for any and all help.
  14. Thank you. Did you feel safe walking around by yourselves?
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