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  1. [URL]http://www.cruisereport.com/PortsOfCallList.aspx[/URL]
  2. yogi2929

    Repositioning cruises

    The West Coast repositionings are April/May and September. The cruiselines are moving their ships from Mexico to Alaska. I use a travel site to get ideas. For these I look up Pacific Coastal cruises. Some itins follow the coast and others go to Hawaii.
  3. yogi2929

    Sheridan's Coffee Liqour

    [quote name='firefly333']The best price Iv ever seen it at was last January on Ecstasy 2 full bottles plus a half sized bottle for $39.95... the 1/2 size was a bargain, plus I havent seen it quite that cheap before. the was also a one night sale, the price was not repeated the rest of the cruise, just the first night during the liquor sampling.[/quote] That's an excellant price. We paid that for the 2 bottles with no gimme on the Elation.
  4. We were on the Elation in March, first cruise after the Olympics, and did AnyTime dining. While we didn't have the same tablemates we did have the same waiters several nights. We got to know our waiters as well as in any restaurant at home. Each time we went to the desk Monika wanted to know if we wanted the same waiters or not.
  5. Princess, HAL and I am sure other lines do 14 & 15 day cruises RT from LA and San Diego. HAL & Princess do the Ensenada stop the last night. IIRC Carnival's Hawaiian cruise is only 12 days, it saves a day in the itin.
  6. yogi2929

    Carnival Elation info

    Was on her in the beginning of March. SHe looks great and the crew are friendlt. We on the west coast are sorry to see her go.
  7. yogi2929

    Question about water shoes

    I bought some cheap ($10) mesh water shoes at WalMart.
  8. yogi2929


    If you are talking about your cruise in May there are probably penalties to pay. Call Carnival.
  9. yogi2929

    Planning my meals...who wants to help???

    [quote name='mom2lillirissa'] ........Plus, I can remember what was good and what wasn't from my previous cruise.......... [/quote] What is excellant one cruise can be lousy the next, even on the same ship a few weeks apart.
  10. yogi2929

    Blackjack betting

    When you get to the table give the dealer your cash and it will be exchanged for chips. Do not get cash at the table because you will be charged 3%. Instead get your cash as you do from the slot machines.
  11. yogi2929

    Is a small purse a good idea?

    Another choice is using a camera bag. Others will think how smart you are;)
  12. yogi2929

    Age, New Knee, New Hip

    My mom wears black Merrell slides onboard. For Formal night she wears black socks and it is very hard to tell that she is wearing sport sandals under her black slacks. Wear what is comfortable and stable.
  13. yogi2929

    Vomit from the balconies?

    At least on the ship your shower (and laundry) is right there. Sis got hit (totally) at the Hollywood Bowl right after intermission. They stack park at the Bowl. Once you're in, you're in for the duration.
  14. yogi2929

    7-Day Cruise on a Carry-On

    Did a 6 day in March and am doing another 6day in 2 days. 22" case and a tote bag. If I can do 6, I can do 7.
  15. yogi2929

    What's in your 3-3-1 bag?

    hair gel, tooth paste, hand sanitizer liquid meds go into another bag and declared http://www.tsa.gov/311/ Declare larger liquids. Medications, baby formula and food, and breast milk are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bag. Declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint. [url=http://www.tsa.gov/311/][/url]