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  1. I asked that a chaise be brought up to our veradah stateroom, and it showed up about 15 minutes later. One of the chairs and the wicker table had to be removed but it fit. It left little room, I arranged it along the railing and the other chair fit at the foot of the chaise. It's tight opening the door as they open outwards but it works. Good luck!
  2. Mt Hope Bay

    Eurodam 3 Day Cruise: Bitter Disappointment

    I should have grabbed my camera when I was rushing out the door. :confused: She had not anticipated an accident, as none of us would. Out of the shoes that she brought, these are the only ones that would fit over the dressing. Because she is a trooper, she insisted that we go out to dinner and she wasn't going to let it slow us down. I give her all the credit in the world for that, and I was the one helping her try on all the shoes that she brought to see what would be comfortable. To marginalize the injury because of the design of the shoes is... unreasonable. I have maintained that we are going to write a letter, and see what happens. I would hope that HAL recognizes our situation as a result of our correspondance and offers an apology but nowhere have I stated that we expect anything. Reading through everyone's posts one might give you that feeling but I haven't stated this anywhere. Nor do I expect HAL to read my posts. In fact, I'm weary that they may have and due to some posts suggesting a legal opportunity, frightens me because that is not my intention. I could have not posted at all, the letter to HAL would have gone out just the same. Feedback was, and still is, the goal.
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    Eurodam 3 Day Cruise: Bitter Disappointment

    Hi All, She is doing fine, she took yesterday off from work but is working today. Changed the dressing Monday and everything appears to be progressing well. She says Hi to everyone :D Please - Let's not let this thread go too far with any speculation of the legal possibilities. To be clear, we don't have any intention of confronting HAL with any legal action. That kind of reaction is (or should be) reserved for all but extreme situations and that is not where we are at with this. Members of my immediate family are in the legal profession so again I'm well aware of my options and resources but this situation is the wrong place to exercise it. My reference to personal injury lawyers was more of a casual swipe than anything else. We are going to write a letter and see what comes back. The yoga mat and pedometer was truly a non-issue. My point was, there were advertised benefits but those items weren't there in the room. Everything else was there, the Vitamin Water, Voss water, fresh fruit tray, etc. We were not billed for the medical services, and we requested that the Spa charges be removed from our bill, which they were. I do maintain that the door exists as a clear safety issue, considering that people are in flip flops or bare feet in the pool area. It is unfortunate that we had to experience this but it wouldn't be hard to argue that the same thing can happen to someone else. HAL did nothing while we were on the ship, other than adjusting our bill, to offer anything. This does leave us wondering if her injury was even recognized, considering the problems we had with the wheelchair. Doug - the Security Officer - mentioned that the report wouldn't be going to HAL until the cruise was over so given the time that they get the report and time to react, we may yet see something prior to us writing to them ourselves. We went directly through HAL to book the cruise, there was no TA involved. The dinner reservations, well that is a product of my own inexperience. My presumption was make reservations when we get on the ship for some point during the weekend. Pre-booking wasn't a consideration, but now we know. Someone asked for some pictures - this is Saturday evening before we left to go down to the Dining Room. :(
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    Eurodam 3 Day Cruise: Bitter Disappointment

    Hi All, Thank you so much for your responses! There is a great sense of community here! Some of you have 10K posts! Whoa! It's late and I just got home so I'm going to make this post short but we'll follow up tomorrow. In the event someone from HAL is following this I'm not going to go into detail but I'm well aware of an 'actionable situation'. My inclination is an informative letter with the pertinent documents and pictures. This should generate a response. The legal card is held in reserve, although it is an personal injury lawyer's holiday LOL. More tomorrow - thanks everyone.
  5. Just got back yesterday from the 3 day ‘Cruise to Nowhere’ out of New York. The cruise was my wife’s 40th birthday present, although she has been on a cruise before, this was my first time. We were both very excited, HAL is known as a five star cruise line and this ship was brand new – we spent the last 2 months talking about it in anticipation, we booked a Spa Verandah Stateroom – which is right up her alley :D The embarkation process went rather smooth but at the sign in, the HAL people at the desk weren’t sure if they were supposed to scan everyone’s room cards :confused: – there was a bit of confusion and it slowed things a little but never the less we spent all of 5 minutes at the desk and they moved us along to wait to begin boarding. When we got on the ship we were quite impressed with the design and artwork, the staterooms were not ready yet so we went for lunch at the Lido. Following lunch, we went to go take a look at our cabin (10th deck – Panorama), and dropped our carry-ons off. My wife was a bit a disappointed that there wasn’t a yoga mat or pedometer in the room as advertised as part of the spa room package but it’s a new ship right? This was the beginning of the steep downward spiral. Next, she wanted to schedule her spa appointments, so she called down to the Greenhouse Spa to talk to the spa concierge – another advertised ‘benefit’ of the spa stateroom. No, there is no such thing – you have to come down to the spa to make your appointments, she was told. More concern. So she goes downstairs to the spa and schedules her appointments but was not happy because there was quite a crowd vying for the same – making appointments – and the spa staff was visibly overwhelmed and as such, not totally personable. Next was to go make dinner arrangements, looking forward to a nice birthday dinner at one of the many restaurants on the ship. Pinnacle – booked. Canaletto – booked. Tamarind – booked. Not just Friday, or even Saturday, but the entire weekend. I was in disbelief! For real? Now what are we going to do? I went to the Front Desk to try and plead my case – practically begging; this is our birthday dinner, and asking how can this happen? The girl at the desk called the restaurants and said – they are all booked – sorry. I’m thinking, uh – no kidding? That’s why I came to you for help. You can still eat at the Lido, Terrace Grill, Rembrant, etc she says. Yay! A birthday dinner in the cafeteria! Sigh. Maybe it’s because I’m new to this cruising thing, I guess any fine dining on a ship requires pre-booking? Oh, and it gets better. Saturday morning, I went to the gym while my wife went off to the spa for her treatments. Following the gym, I went and spent some time in the hydrotherapy pool (very nice – recommend it!) I went up to the room and after my shower, the phone rings. Sir, this is the spa staff- you might want to come downstairs to the spa – your wife has had an accident. Is she okay? I ask. I don’t know, they say - but please come downstairs. I’m panicking. They don’t know!!? I get dressed, running down the hall putting my shirt on, going down the stairs, 3 at a time. She had opened the door to the hydrotherapy pool, the door opened across the top of her foot resulting in a large laceration just above her toes. When I arrived, she was in a wheelchair, crying, another passenger was helping wrap her foot in a towel to try and help contain the free bleeding. The spa staff are standing there, deer-in-the-headlights look about them. I’m doing my best to try and calm her. The medical officer arrived a few minutes later and we went down to the medical office on A deck. Much praise for the professionalism of the medical staff and the onboard US Navy doctor, calm demeanor and quick attention. The accident, with the sharp door bottom, in a place where everyone has bare feet, required 5 stitches. Our bright hopes for the cruise, are now over. We return up to our room and I called housekeeping, explained the situation and asked that a chaise lounge be brought up for our verandah so she can at least be outside with her foot elevated. This was taken care of promptly. Our stateroom was directly below one of the Retreat cabanas, the first one on the starboard side – it was being used to hold the materials for cleaning the deck, empties and trays and such for the cabanas. Later in the afternoon, she is out on the chaise lounge and –what appears to be water – starts falling on her from above. We can’t seem to get a break! What in the world in going on? So I’m off to find out. I go upstairs and confront the staff and tell them what happened and they begin to deny it! :mad: I’m looking at the deck behind them, buckets of empty beer cans and bottles, which is clearly wet and swept right off the edge. After hanging over the rail and showing them our wet railing below, they begin to apologize. I can’t wait to get off this Dam ship. We move her inside to the bed, she calls and asks for some foam pillows – something a little more firm to help elevate her foot. More down pillows show up. She calls the guest relations manager, and the head steward finally shows up with what she asked for. Determined as she is, she wasn’t going to let this keep her in the room for the rest of the trip. We made it down to the dining room, had a nice dinner (did anyone notice the Dining room had the same menu at the Lido cafeteria?) and made it out to the dessert extravaganza at the Lido pool. Sunday we spent most of the day in the room as it was difficult for her to get around. In preparation for disembarkation Monday morning, we called the front desk and asked for wheelchair service off the ship. We were told the Dining Room is in charge of wheelchairs? Does this sound right to anyone? We were assured she would be picked up Monday morning. We dock in NY Monday AM, have breakfast (I’m really tired of room service at this point!) and we’re ready to leave. 8:30 – nothing. 9:00 – nothing. We call the front desk, this time, it’s the Explorer’s lounge that is responsible for wheelchairs. But we called last night… no, we don’t have any record of that. Get me off this nightmare ship. I go down to the Explorer’s lounge, but the crowds make it impassable. (they later opened another gangway on the 3rd deck to ease the congestion) I go back upstairs, and she decides, let’s just walk, I say let’s wait. 10:00 rolls around, still nothing so we start walking – slowly. On the 2nd deck, I run into Doug, the security officer that took her statement in the medical ward just after the accident. I explain the situation, and he refers me to the Hotel Manager, who promptly makes a call and wheelchair is there in two minutes to help us off the ship. It takes an act of congress to get anything done that is even slightly outside the norm! So, this is my first experience on a cruise. Please tell me this is not the norm, for I am at a loss for words. It staggers the imagination to consider how so many things could go wrong in the span of two and a half days. There are a few other negative details but this post is already too long. The weather was very nice but we were unable to take advantage of nearly everything the ship had to offer. Not likely we’ll ever be back.