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  1. balf

    Holiday is falling apart

    And the NHS care ceases on embarkation. DAVID.
  2. Try this strategy. 1) cancel tips. 2) always mark staff survey excellent. Costs nothing and do we really want any member of staff however bad to become unemployable. 3) tip in cash as you think fit. I find it somewhat tacky for P&O to expect passsengers to do their job for them. Worse even as those “how did we do emails” David
  3. balf

    Do you have enough internet time?

    It’s a freebie. Use and be thankful.. David
  4. balf

    Caviar at QM2 Perrier-Jouet Champagne Bar

    And it wasn’t even proper caviar. DAVID.
  5. balf

    Cruise insurance oddities

    Usually the opposite. David
  6. balf

    Cruise insurance oddities

    Never rely on assurances given over the phone. Everyone needs to read the insurance contract carefully. Having said that Aviva are not a cowboy company but you should check via paper docs. DAVID
  7. balf

    Cruise insurance oddities

    You never know the price of insurance till you make a claim. DAVID
  8. balf

    death trap

    Very good point, and it is so often the case that people have to lose their lives to force change. No one knows what would happen in a real emergency when passengers are sitting in comfort in a theatre and panic breaks out. And does anyone really think that an aircraft can be emptied in 90 seconds as demonstrated in official tests using primed young fit people, of which there are not many among cruise passengers. David
  9. balf

    New Dress Code Designations?

    Enforcement policy? you may have a long wait. DAVID
  10. balf

    Queens Grill dining is it better

    Sadly, British irony doesn’t always make it crossing the pond. I don’t suppose the word “Hackleback” appears anywhere on the menu? DAVID.
  11. I think it’s been pointed out here that no cruise can sail with every cabin occupied. Disasters can happen to make cabins unoccupiable so they have to keep some in reserve. I would suggest asking to see the Hotel Manager as soon as you board. From personal experience this has worked for us in the past. DAVID.
  12. balf

    Queens Grill dining is it better

    Well it certainly isn’t Beluga, so Toad may have a point. David
  13. balf

    A few recorded facts.

    Back before tips became gratuities and American culture became ingrained into ours without us even noticing they were just that, a little extra given for good service. Now tips are regarded as part payment of staff wages in most, but not all of the hotel and resteraunt industry. Put simply, we have been conned and it does seem sad to me to hear people talking about being willing to pay whatever is imposed by a cruise line. This does seem to be a largely British trend when looking at tipping culture in other countries. DAVID
  14. balf

    A few recorded facts.

    Yes, probably most passengers will particularly if they have had the standard “please mark excellent” chat with waiters and stewards. Why? It doesn’t cost them anything. DAVID
  15. balf

    On-board thefts

    Happens to me all the time. DAVID.