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  1. dreadpirate3

    Reporting LIVE from Adventure - NOT!

    I hope you have a wonderful time!
  2. dreadpirate3

    Reporting LIVE from Adventure - NOT!

    It is! Four new ports for us. I'm looking forward to this trip. And I have always gotten the refreshment package, and gotten many cappuccinos in specialty restaurants with no issues or extra charges. Looking forward to the day we're D, with the three drinks, that will be all the drinks we need.
  3. dreadpirate3

    Reporting LIVE from Adventure - NOT!

    I am enjoying your retroactively live review. We will be on the 8-night sailing in January and are very much looking forward to it. Maya Chan is amazing, and will be our spot every time we go to Costa Maya, looking for an itinerary to get there again.
  4. The olive muffins look interesting. I hope someone tries them and reports back.
  5. dreadpirate3

    Freaking out a little!

    I hope you have a great time on your cruise.
  6. Now I'm even more excited for our trip to St Maarten and Holland House. Thank you for the wonderful pictures!
  7. I'm so happy to see your review! Enjoying and sailing along from my land yacht.
  8. dreadpirate3

    Embarkation day go to

    I carry on my backpack and a small tote with our cruise documents and the all important wine 🍷, DH also has a small backpack with his necessaries. We board, then go to the casino to take pictures while it doesn't stink of smoke, then hang out near Cafe Promenade with specialty coffees and snacks until time to go to our room. Usually, just an hour or so from boarding to the room being ready. Windjammer and pool deck are the most popular and crowded, so not where we go. We learned after our first two cruises just how crazy it gets.
  9. It crashed for all of us. Mine kept flashing the login screen pop-up, but eventually stopped. I am enjoying your report.
  10. dreadpirate3

    Sales for drink package ?

    We buy the refreshment package on sale, and then pay for our usual 2-3 alcoholic drinks a day on sea days, or one during port days. The coffee at the Promenade Cafe is every bit as good as any Starbucks I've ever had.
  11. dreadpirate3

    Seven Ships in Port - What to do?

    Thanks, just looked them up and added them to my list. I appreciate your advice.
  12. dreadpirate3

    Seven Ships in Port - What to do?

    I think we'll stick with Great Bay. I would love to go to Grand Case, but the time from port is bothersome. We can use the water taxi to go back and forth as needed. I just learned about the water taxi. Thank you!
  13. Not until May. I'm very excited about my first mega ship cruise.
  14. I'm enjoying your review. Will be on Symphony after you as well.
  15. dreadpirate3

    Gator's Dockside at Port Canaveral now open

    I enjoy Gator's Dockside on occasion, and while we won't choose that location over Grill's, it's nice to have another option.