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  1. Back when we started cruising (2008), you could find last minute cruises easily. We booked our first one for $50 per night, per person and right out of Port Canaveral, 1 hour from our house. We loved it! Took another one 3 months later and brought our son. The cruise bug bit us and we have no regrets. My next cruise in May might get cancelled, or I may have to reschedule it to a weekend in September, but that's a risk I knew going in, and I booked full insurance.
  2. May your travels be as stress-free as possible, @twangster and @John&LaLa I hope to hear you have all returned safe and sound.
  3. Someone mentioned using washcloths and washing them. I had a nightmare about it. I'm okay for almost a mile. 🙂
  4. Even with restrictions, they were out of TP at our stores. But I found this, and I'm okay for 5400'.
  5. My current booked cruises are farther away than two months, so I hope I will be sailing. My university has switched to online instruction for the next two weeks after being closed this week for spring break. The issue is not how many current cases their are, but that they are doubling every week, and that healthy people are likely to be carriers. I did just book travel insurance in case I need to use it. Be safe everyone and washy washy!
  6. It is two per cabin, even solo. However, I would be pressed to finish 1. 🙂
  7. Thanks for this! I'm cruising solo, so considering carrying on my Diet Coke and a Sangria instead of getting a drink package.
  8. We enjoy balconies and suites, but ocean view cabins are what we generally book, especially on smaller ships. I have my first interior cabin booked for a solo weekend. We enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the MDR. We like a table for two at dinner and don't mind sharing the other two meals. My go to for breakfast is a vegetable omelet. I enjoy waking up early and either watching the sunrise on my balcony or going to walk a deck during sunrise. I am an avid photographer so I enjoy the many photo opportunities while at sea or sailing into port. There is nothing like having a pod of dolphins jumping right as you sail into Coco Cay. Most of all, I've learned when the upgrades are worth it and when they are not. We've eaten at specialty restaurants, had Chef's table, Gallery Brunch, and paid tours. I don't need those things to enjoy my cruise.
  9. I'll take a look. Unfortunately, it would require me to fly or take a train, which makes it a bit more problematic since I usually just drive to a Florida port in a few hours. Thanks!
  10. I can't believe they haven't updated you or the people expecting to board yet. Drink on.
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