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  1. We always do as well. Thank you so much for your wonderful review.
  2. dreadpirate3

    Refreshment package

    Enjoy specialty coffees and teas, bottled water, fresh squeezed orange juice, soda, and virgin cocktails. Milkshakes at Johnny Rocket's are also included, but you may be required to pay the cover charge for dining there. I love the refreshment package and get the value out of it daily.
  3. dreadpirate3

    Which would you pick?

    I would choose Adventure. In fact, I have, and will be sailing the same itinerary 1/19!
  4. dreadpirate3

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    40 days until we embark on an Adventure. 😁
  5. dreadpirate3

    Its for the cruise.

    I ordered quick dry hats through the cruise line for delivery in our room on our second port day. They were only $10 each.
  6. I just looked at the "sale" and I see cruises for spring 2021 for the short Bahamas cruises out of PC and PE.
  7. Bare-throated Tiger Heron http://www.costaricabirdingtours.com/egrets.html Little Blue heron Great egret Brown pelicans Double-crested cormorants Next is an Osprey, not a falcon The next group of white birds are probably Cattle egrets
  8. Three Great blue herons and a Snowy Egret
  9. dreadpirate3

    Crew eating in guest areas?

    We had a two-top for each dinner in the dining room on Freedom last year. Our next table was Casino Joan, and there were four-top tables against the window that were frequently filled by crew in uniform.
  10. dreadpirate3

    Adventure of the Seas, Room 6504

    I have 7206 booked for January and will report back. I think it will be a great room.
  11. 44 days to Adventure!
  12. dreadpirate3

    Florida Birding Trip - Suggestions

    From Lake Apopka yesterday.
  13. dreadpirate3

    I got out and used my camera today...

    I bought a Canon Powershot SX530 to use for ports and travel. I was testing it out yesterday at a local park. I think it will do just fine.
  14. dreadpirate3

    Pre-purchase casino credits

    I was interested in buying the $200 slot credit with a $20 promo, but it disappeared. The only ones available for Adventure 1/19 sailing are the $500, $1000, and $2000 amounts. There is a reason I have an inflammatory poster on block, and you have all learned why.