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  1. dreadpirate3

    What do you actually do on the boat?

    This is what I do. My husband and I both bring our Kindles loaded with books, and a tablet loaded with magazines. We have three sea days on our next cruise. I usually like to find a quiet spot for us to relax on a deck, unless we have a balcony, and we enjoy a specialty coffee while we read, or look at the sea, or daydream. On ships with a solarium, I enjoy spending the morning or afternoon there. Learning to relax is an important skill. High stress over the past year has caused me a serious health scare that would have changed my life. Something new I'm doing on the next cruise is attending the morning stretch classes at the gym on the sea days.
  2. dreadpirate3

    New and Improved CC

    Agreed, not sure what is causing that. I did not add the picture of the other posters to my test post.
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    New and Improved CC

    The signature options are much more limited, I have removed my tickers. 😞