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  1. canuck.qc

    Nile cruising with Viking

    Take a look at the SSSudan, luxurious. Not much about it on CC or TA but youtube has some good videos. I will post my reviews. I am booked for this Dec 3rd sailing BonVoyage
  2. We are sailing onboard the SSSudan this November. I would like some recommendations on a reputable company for a Hot Air Balloon excursion in Luxor. Thanks
  3. canuck.qc

    and so it begins.....RTW16

    Your travel plans sound great. I will stay tuned.
  4. canuck.qc

    and so it begins.....RTW16

    It is so nice to see this thread is still alive. I haven't been on CC for quite awhile, I have been taking extended land vacations. I will be travelling 1 month around China in Sept. so I will look back at your travel log to see what you posted about your visit there. I really enjoyed reading both CBB & Wayntor's RTW posts, so beautifully written and informative. I look forward to read about your next adventures.
  5. canuck.qc

    Yangtze River Cruise, worth taking?

    Wonderful list, this will help form my itinerary
  6. canuck.qc

    Yangtze River Cruise, worth taking?

    I am aware of the national holiday. I will be flying out of HongKong on the 30th. I am sorting out the main itinerary starting in Beijing and it will include the must sees, several UNESCO sights etc.. I thought the cruise would be a respite at the halfway point. The Li river area is also somewhere I am reading up on. I will look into using some domestic flights, can these be booked last minute? Thanks folks
  7. canuck.qc

    Yangtze River Cruise, worth taking?

    I will be touring China by rail, 30 days this Sept. . I am considering taking a 4 night Yangtze cruise mid-trip ( Chongoing-Jingzhou). Is it worth it and are there other short river cruises to recommend.
  8. canuck.qc

    Cabin 7108 on Marina

    Hi Lottie I highly recommend the cabin. As you can see we had loungers. We asked for the loungers the day we boarded and spent many days napping in private. No one can see you when positioned closer to the doors. You are lucky the cabin is available. You won't regret your choice. Bon Voyage L
  9. canuck.qc

    Sirena June 13 cruise Egypt cancelled

    As you, I was booked on Sirena but cancelled before final payment, the falling CDN dollar and dreadful news helped me make up my mind. I've booked a month long land tour from Frankfurt to Milan, seems like a safer alternative. Also looking at a land trip to China in the spring. We've put cruising on hold for awhile..I'm too much of a control nut to have that happen to me!:eek:
  10. canuck.qc

    and so it begins.....RTW16

    Cynthia, We also will be grieving a month from now:(:(:( We so enjoy your journal. Your description of Nuku Hiva is as I remember, the island is beautiful. I have a photo of the Marina in Taiohae Bay. Thanks L
  11. canuck.qc

    Travellers Cheques

    We use ATMs. Take out cash as we go. Most ports have plenty available. I prepare envelopes with the name of the tour company and amount. We ask the guide to stop at a safe ATM at the end of the tour and sometimes take out enough for the following tour. Easy and no large amounts of cash.
  12. canuck.qc

    Help - Oceania newbee considering NAUTICA

    Add: Canadians cancelling because of low dollar:(
  13. You should have joined in on CC before you left. There is a wealth of info on FP. plus great info on your RollCall. For some reason you found this board after the cruise, to voice your complaints. Your TA is also responsible for underlining the challenges of FP & the early flights & should have offered solutions. O also offered packages for hotels, transfers etc...when we sailed a few years ago. You are also informed of all embarkation & cabin info before the cruise. The outcome of your cruise could have been far different with proper preparation before leaving home.
  14. canuck.qc

    Lets talk about something else---MARINA

    As Paul mentioned I also think it has to do with filling the ship. When we were in FP Marina had many business, medical and alumni groups certainly at a discount, an incentive to fill the ship. There were several tender ports so I think the smaller R ship would help make the tender process quicker & more efficient.