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  1. I just sailed the Niewu Statendam in September and the corkscrew is in the room by the ice bucket!? Happy sailings....
  2. we paid 1/2 for CO ($300) - it was offered to us 2 weeks before the cruise - I would not normally have paid the $600. when we showed up at MDR on the first night, they never had put together a table for us (they told us it was a sitting issue) - they had to create one which was practically on top of another one way in the back of the room and the waiter was never even friendly. also, CO gave us priority check-in and check out - it literally took us 10 minutes from entering the terminal to our room and first to disembark. the breakfast menu was different, for example, if you wanted an omelette - they made you whatever you wanted. dinners, if there was something you wanted different, no problem, they did it. i much preferred the smaller space, met really nice people. I never realized or let the corridor bother me. the MDR for breakfast was not open all the time. it was opened i believe for maybe 90 minutes or so? don't recall. specialty restaurant, we ate in the Pinnincal Grill one night.
  3. I just sailed on the Niewu Statendam and was offered by HAL CO at a cost of $300 pp for my 12 day cruise and it is SO worth it!!! This was offered 2 weeks before the cruise. They are open for breakfast (love the unlimited complimentary mimosas) and dinner. Although the menu is pretty much same as the MDR, nothing beats the quality of service the wait staff gave and the concept of the open kitchen. Its also nice after one meal they all know your name. I wish they were open for lunch. This is only offered before the cruise. We tried the MDR on our first day of the cruise and hated it. Once we ate in CO we never went back to the MDR!!
  4. Thank you for your great pictures and review. My cruise leaves sept 15- curious how many sea days you had- I had heard about the lack of things to do on these days- we have 3. Regarding the cabin- we are in cabin VA6066 and curious if the configuration is similar to yours- we also have 3 people in the cabin. How was the balcony. Thank you.
  5. Just curious if anyone has been in cabin VA6066 on the Statendam. We are a group of 3 staying in this cabin in September. The room configuration looks similar to 4120 as I think the pullout sofa is near the balcony. Any information and/or pictures would be great. Thanks
  6. Roy - you are awesome!! Thank you for taking the time for the review and pictures from your cruise!!
  7. Have a great cruise Roy- I can’t wait to hear from you along the way!!! I sail her in September leaving from Amsterdam. Would love to see pictures if you can.
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