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  1. Roy - you are awesome!! Thank you for taking the time for the review and pictures from your cruise!!
  2. Have a great cruise Roy- I can’t wait to hear from you along the way!!! I sail her in September leaving from Amsterdam. Would love to see pictures if you can.
  3. thank you dfish - I went on Delta's website and was able to secure seats for our flights - my PCC did great for our booking but not sure why she would tell us we couldn't get seats - feel better now that we have them and don't have to pay until July!!! to iflyrc5 - let me know if your TA was able to secure your flights.
  4. Someone awhile back highly recommended Rome-Habi Shuttle. I emailed them and Bruno immediately emailed me back and quoted us $135 euros for my group of 4. I would say it is about $40-45 pp (us $$). Unless something comes back better we are booked.
  5. many people on the CC board are working with a TA and booked their airfare through HAL Flight Easy. they should be familiar with this. No reason why they aren't. If you are working with a TA then I don't think you can contact HAL with concerns or questions - everything has to go through your TA. I contacted my PCC (I booked the cruise this way) just to inquire about fares and was really surprised the difference in fares - about $200-$250 less than online. When are you flying to Amsterdam for your cruise? I am going in September.
  6. thank you. I have to look into booking the seats because I was told I could not select our seats until we pay for the tickets which we were not planning on doing until the final payment with HAL is due which is July.
  7. thank you dfish and oceanmom - never thought to consider business class - will certainly inquire about it. one question I have for oceanmom - did you already pay for your airline tickets? I was told that you can't select seats unless the airfare is paid for in full. although I am confirmed with the airlines my tickets on HAL are considered "unticketed" - I may sound a bit crazy but what is the FF # - I have a locator # which could be the same thing, not sure. for our hotels in Amsterdam - we booked the Ambassade Hotel as recommended by Trip Advisor - couldn't get rooms through the internet - I emailed them directly and got the room choice I wanted and way less money then online.
  8. thank you for this information. our cruise also leaves out of Amsterdam. a bit concerning you can't choose your seats. the last thing I want to do is have a flight booked but not sure of the seats. I am interested in upgrading to Comfort Economy when the time comes. so in order to do any changes you need to go through HAL only and not the airline? what about when the time comes to print out your boarding pass - do you do that through the airline or HAL?
  9. after reading everyone's posts, I went directly online to the airline I am booked with and brought up our locator # and we are confirmed with seats even though when I booked with FlightEase they said I would not be able to get seats until I paid for the tickets. I can't imagine that the fares quoted would be increased or that they would be cancelled if you did not pay for them prior the final due date. My group most likely will pay for the flights way beforehand (6-7 months before the cruise). if your final due date to pay is Dec 9th I would go ahead and pay for the tickets now (it's only a month away). I don't think your TA is doing anything wrong by suggesting to pay now. I assume you took out travel insurance - you should check the policy to see if you have a chance to be reimbursed some portion if you need to cancel. That's always my worry - you pay for everything and then something happens. what I am reading about Flight Ease on CC is pretty good - a few hiccups along the way but they get ironed out in the end. Let me know what happens....
  10. I contacted my personal planner at HAL about booking our flights in sept 2019 and was shocked that she was able to get us direct flights on the airline and fly time we wanted and it was $200 less pp then what I saw online. The best part is that it was placed on my cruise booking and we don’t have to pay until final payment is due. Also the best part about this is that you can change or cancel w/o penalty. Keep trying- in my opinion it is a win win situation.
  11. I am assuming 2 as well. Have plenty of time until we cruise.
  12. does anyone know how many formal nights there are on the 12 day cruise. Thank you
  13. anyone booked on this amazing cruise? A roll call has been started but curious if anyone has booked this 12 day amazing cruise!!! Love to hear back......
  14. Niewu Statendam - 12 Iberian Adventure - September 15-September 27 - celebrating my 60th Birthday.....
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