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    I must concur with the original poster. As I mentioned in another thread, my voyage on the Solstice this past December 7-14 sounds very much like theirs. The Oceanview was a mess, plain and simple. And, yes, I have seen other cruise ships handle the masses with finesse. Case in point- I dined alone one morning, since there are no trays I had to go back for my coffee, when I returned to my table someone had already taken away my plate and silverware - not to mention that I had to scavenge for that particular set of flatware! It was VERY annoying! Secondly, the creaking and banging wasn't just related to the ship's movements. My cabin was so loud with the noise that after calling customer service from day one and getting nowhere I finally investigated myself and found out that the pantry for Quasar was directly above my room. The sound of ice machines, rolling carts, dropping items - what a "peaceful" night's sleep that was. Yes, Celebrity credited my account for $500. But, no, it truly didn't make up for the lack of relaxation. Enough said.
  2. Hello All, I never post here, but having come back from the Solstice on the 12/7 - 12/14 sailing I feel I must speak my peace. I have sailed on HAL three times, and on no other line. I and my partner were really excited about sailing on the Solstice as it is a new ship, as well as trying another line. Well, all I can say is that Celebrity doesn't hold a candle to HAL. I won't whine on and on....just a hint of the cruise.... Food was mediocre at best. There was sooooo much noise above our cabin that Celebrity actually gave us some money back...but still didn't make up for being woken up MULTIPLE times each night - and in the wee hours, I might add. The set-up of the the Oceanview buffet is a mess. What a joy it was fighting for a seat, and then trying to find silverware. Not to mention the fact that the food in the evening was just plain lousy. Snacks at night? How about dried out cake without even a hint of frosting....sheet cake mistake. And no condiments for the sandwiches. When I asked for Mayonaise all the cook said to me was "No.", no other words....just NO. How customer friendly was that? Having said all of this, I will say that the ship is quite beautiful to look at, but not so beautiful to sail on. To the Celebrity company - Never Again.