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  1. On my last cruise I received the packing cubes. I was hoping for the foldable duffle bag. I'm willing to trade if someone has extras. c17gomatt at yahoo dot com Thanks
  2. We were on the Pride repo cruise and also had Raymond and Gabriel at the Alchemy bar...LOVED them..so much fun!!
  3. I had a great time also. I loved this cruise and was so glad to see everyone again and meet new cruise friends!! Can't believe I read 8 books on the kindle this cruise!! :eek: It was so relaxing.. Hope to cruise with ya'll again. :D
  4. :eek: Sunday 2/1 - sail away meet and greet after drill AFT LIDO BAR Superbowl This freaks me out everytime I see it...I keep thinking ya'll are going a day ahead of me..
  5. Enjoying your review as always...We leave on the Liberty Saturday! Can't wait :)
  6. I don't usually book THAT far in advance!!:D:D
  7. Are you allowed to buy buckets of beer to sit by the pool or must you order them individually??
  8. Originally it was scheduled 11/10/2013 to 11/24/2013 put is now pushed back to 2014. My guess is with the year they've had, there's not enough money in the budget! :eek:
  9. Thanks for another review...Read 15 pages in three hours....I couldn't step away!! Awesome review and Pictures. :)
  10. I really enjoyed your review, wonderful pictures. We sail here in October. Can't wait!! :D
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