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  1. After reading the responses so far, I’ve come to the conclusion that the ships set the loungers up like this as a cheap form of entertainment! 😁
  2. Nope, this isn’t about saving chairs at the pool! As I’ve, ahem, gotten a little older, I find getting in or out of those pool loungers to be a hassle. Usually squeezed neck to neck, there is no way to gracefully get up or down from them. Twice my last cruise I had to ask a stranger to hang on to me while I disingorged myself from my lounger. They were very nice about it, and actually said they had problems themselves sometimes. I watched several other ladies grab some help more often than I had ever noticed before. I think my point in this post is to ask why they don’t make the *am things a few inches higher off the ground. Then it would be like standing up from a regular chair, not from a squat. Anybody else?
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