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  1. Oh how I sympathise Ann. While I fortunately received the balance of my cruise cost a couple of months ago, it is proving impossible to receive the deposit. As the cruise was booked onboard, apparently the funds are returned (or not) by Azamara direct rather than via the TA. Have received copious responses to my emails informing me that the cash is on the way but as the refund was requested in March am on the point of writing it off. While the loss of £125 is in no way catastrophic, on a point of principle I won't book a future cruise with a company that has so litt
  2. Have finally received my refund after regrettably having to threaten to take my (Scottish) TA to the Sherriff's Court. In my case the fault was totally Azamara's. Despite the TA requesting a refund on my behalf the day the cruise was cancelled, 70 days later I received my first communication from Azamara informing me that my FCC had been forwarded to my TA. When my blood pressure came down I told the TA that if this was not sorted within 48 hours legal action would follow and they re-imbursed me immediately before they had received the funds from Azamara. i have heard f
  3. You sound as fed up as me Ann. Really don't think I have been unreasonable. Was not expecting my refund in 14 days or anything like. What I anticipated was Azamara refunding passengers in chronological order of cancellations. Instead what we seem to have is a chaotic and haphazard system that no one can work out leaving far too many annoyed guests. The only thing they seem to be good at is sending fatuous emails I have no interest in at this time. For me this just adds fuel to the fire and demonstrates how totally out of touch they are. Hope both of our issues are sorted soon.
  4. That is great news Diana. After receiving copious excuses from my TA I was told yesterday that my refund is imminent. Am totally fed up and not sure I believe them. Have decided to give them one more week and if no cash arrives reluctantly I will follow the same strategy as you. i have loved all my cruises with Azamara and am very sad that their shambolic refunding process has left me so disenchanted.
  5. Clearly you and I received the same survey Combine. My first thought was that Azamara had used a different survey company from usual and how much more relevant this one was.
  6. Wondering if we received the same survey. Granted there were questions about itineraries but I was also asked how I felt during the Pandemic and when I would feel comfortable cruising again. I also used the opportunity to say in one of the boxes that I was unlikely to cruise again until a vaccine was widely available, I hope others received similar question options and were able to inform Azamara of their thoughts regarding future cruising plans.
  7. Spursgirl


    Seatrade Cruise News has reported today that RCCL have boosted their liquidity by securing a 364 day $2.2 billion loan. Hope some of this will be used to keep Azamara afloat!
  8. I am on the same cruise as you. Amazingly British Airways are still selling tickets for the flight to Barcelona on April 25 when I had planned to travel. Azamara and RCCL are clearly loathe to address the fact, but it is looking increasingly likely that there will be NO European cruise season in 2020. i am becoming very frustrated that Azamara are not cancelling Med cruises in April, May and June at least.
  9. It is a lovely picture but it is immaterial when it was taken, it is highly inappropriate to post it now. In my small community in the UK, people including those most at risk don't seem to have taken on board the concept of social distancing. The lack of corporate responsibility here by Celebrity is disappointing.
  10. Wondering if it might come down to chartering flights for non US guests. Another complicated conundrum for the over stretched team in Miami to solve
  11. While it might become necessary at some point, I am not advocating that Azamara junk their entire Med Season today. But Italy, Spain and possibly France will not have recovered and be ready to welcome tourists before June at the earliest and in my opinion that is a stretch. Cancelling cruises in April and May seems the responsible thing to do. It is so sad that we are applauding the integrity of Viking and other competitor lines and denigrating Azamara
  12. This does not assist those of us sailing the Med from April one bit! Do they get the news in Miami? Have they heard Spain is to imminently join Italy on lockdown? If other cruise companies can do the right thing by their guests and their crew why can't Azamara?
  13. Phil, Australia already introduced similar stringent immigration rules earlier this week. Suspect it won't be long before cruising is suspended worldwide for three months or so.
  14. I wonder if Bonnie could kindly ask her Executive Management Team who say they have so much care for guest's health and well being if they have heard of the World Health Organisation. Yesterday they confirmed that Europe is now the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak and yet there is no statement relating to European cruises starting in April including my Pursuit voyage on the 26th. Italy is overwhelmed and on lock down, Spain and France are hot on their heels and the United Kingdom, my home is facing serious challenges. Ports are closing to cruise ships and tou
  15. Spursgirl


    Royal Caribbean has announced a suspension of 30 days FOR AMERICAN SAILINGS ONLY. And this on the day that the WHO announced that the epicentre of the epidemic is now in Europe. While the statement is from Royal Caribbean Ltd there is no mention of either Celebrity or Azamara - maybe neither brand has American sailings. i give up!
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