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  1. zzczopfamily

    Trikes Aruba

    Hi, Can you tell me if you can pay for extra insurance where you rent the trikes, I'm sure they are having you sign a liability form?? Thanks Darcie
  2. Thanks for replaying every one.... Take care Darcie
  3. When booking a Carnival cruise, do you book with Carnival? and do you ask for the price in US funds? I was inquiring yesterday about a cruise we are interested in and the representative from Carnival stated if she quoted me in US funds I would get price protection, but if she gave it to me in Cdn funds I could not do the price protection....... any thoughts? Thanks
  4. We are also planning a europe cruise for 2013, I would love to cruise with carnival however RCCL does the Baltics with a port in Poland and that is one place we would love to see. While in Europe I want to do the cruise to the baltics, then the Mediterranean. Fingers Crossed Carnival comes up with something!!
  5. Can we change our usernames?? If so, how?? Thanks Darcie
  6. can we change our usernames on here?
  7. hi We will be in Nassau at the end of November, can anyone tell me if we can get off the ship and walk to the sheraton?? Thanks Darcie
  8. Thanks for answering and giving me the information!! I'm very grateful. I would like to do some xmas shopping when in Florida! ;) Thanks again......
  9. Hi We are sailing on the Pride Nov 27th, one of our ports is Port Canerval. Does anyone know if there is a super walmart near that terminal? or how far it is away from it? I've been on line looking but can't for the life of me fine what Im looking for. Thanks so much Darcie
  10. On the carnival site, their cruise to Alaska has no prices for Sept 2013. Think a TA would have pricing? Or am I just planning to far in advance?? Thanks Darcie
  11. Thanks for the answer and the laugh!!
  12. Hi Can anyone tell me if the Legend has a big screen TV on it?? Thanks Darcie
  13. We are going to be on the Dream, and I was wondering if anyone has done this excursion??? Deluxe Sail, Snorkel & Beach Party Description :What better way to enjoy the beautiful island of Cozumel than aboard a 65-ft Ocean catamaran. Duration:3.5 Hours Thanks Darcie
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