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  1. Completely agree with you about late arrivals. But maybe Emerald could have left a bit earlier the next day. Agree with you about Rhine Gorge. It's beautiful to sail down and view from the sundeck. We boarded ship Sunday morning left our starting port Monday evening. By Wednesday afternoon the the sundeck was closed. As far as Emerald informing me or anyone on the ship before hand about the deck closure. They didn't. Normally the only time every passenger on the ship come together is for the evening meal. Passengers other than that would have the option to go to sundeck, lounge or cabin. We only had the cabin or lounge to go to. As far as you never hearing any other passengers complaining. I found it the complete opposite. No one I spoke to was aware the sundeck was going to be closed for that long. And none of them would have booked this cruise. A retired couple living in Spain said it was there first cruise, and they wouldn't do another one.
  2. This is the only cruise forum use. So i dont know how big this forum is compared to other forums. So i have put my cruise itinerary with the sundeck closure on here so others can look at it as part of their research.
  3. Hi CHUCKIE50. We arrived at ship early Sunday morning. The ship never sailed till Monday evening. My memory was never very good at the best of times, but the sundeck closed about 4pm on Wednesday. What views did you have from Wednesday on. None apart from looking around the lounge or cabin. And as you know the ship was having to make up time the whole of the trip. So a lot of the stops times were cut short. I don't know if the locks were a reason to shut the sundeck? As far as doing the research before hand. I've looked and I can't find anything about the sundeck being closed for over half of our sailing time anywhere. That is not river cruising. I could have saved a lot of money and stayed in a hotel for all that could be seen from the lounge. Why dont Emerald put it clear in their description that for half the cruise the sundeck will be closed. Because they wouldn't sell 1 cabin. Like I said in a earlier post. They are doing 4 weeks this year sailing this itinerary. And 2 weeks next year. And I honestly hope that anyone thats thinking of doing this cruise with Emerald Destiny read this before booking, and do whatever research they can. I did ring Emerald up the day after I got home, which would have been Monday 17th June. Only contact number readily available was sales. So spoke to sales rep about sundeck closures, he told me the ships are specifically made for the rivers they sail on. He was surprised with what I said about the sundeck. He did give a name and email address that I sent email to. I sent email on the 17th June. Still not had any reply whatsoever. I know from most of the replies to my post that people think I am making a fuss over nothing. There is a post on cruise critic from a lady sailing with her mother on Tauck. And they are sailing down the canal now. But from what I can see of the ship they are on, there is a forward space a little lower than the sundeck that can be used the whole length of the canal. Emerald Destiny is not fit for purpose on the canal section of this itinerary.
  4. I'm reading it too. I'm wondering if it's 3 full decks of cabins or not. If we are reading the same post there are less than 70 guests on board. And every thing they have eaten has been given a 10. Time for my cornflakes
  5. Thanks debrouillarde. Extremely disappointed, even now. It was our third cruise and river levels were my big concern. I was amazed on our first cruise being sat at a table on sundeck with AMA going under some low bridges. I quite often show the picture to people when talking turns to river cruising. I've looked since coming home and still can't find any mention of sundecks being closed for the length of time we had it closed for. And for anyone in the future thinking of doing this itinerary with Emerald they will come across this post and gain more honest information about the cruise. From what i can see since I've been home, Emerald will be doing 4 weeks cruising this itinerary this year. We were on the second week of the first 2 cruises 9th June-16th June. Then they don't do it again apart for 2 weeks, last week Aug and first week Sept. In 2020 I think they only do a 2 week cruise of this itinerary. My honest opinion is Emerald should not be using this ship on this route. Thanks for reply again. And sorry for my rant.
  6. Thanks for replies, it just seems that we can't trust cruise companies, not just Emerald. Lots of posters have mentioned having the sundeck closed. No one has said how long for, were you notified before you booked and what company it was. You will make it easier for people to find out about it in the future.
  7. Dougk- my reply to your last but one post should have read. Has anybody had a 7 day cruise with the sundeck closed for half the duration of the cruise. It would be good to hear if it has happened to anyone. Would anyone book a cruise with sundeck closed for half the duration of the cruise. If they were told prior to booking.
  8. DougK- The whole point of this thread is not being told by Emerald that the deck was being closed for half the cruise. They knew which stops we had and that was on the itinerary. Which was seen by all. They also knew about them closing the sundeck. That, they didn't tell anyone. Most stops when sundeck was closed, started after lunch and lasted about 2 hours. Apart from one. My first river cruise was with Ama, Vilshofen to Budapest. And we loved it. And was amazed the first time we sailed under a low bridge. They did close down the sundeck once. Has anyone had a 7 day cruise with sundeck closed? Would anyone book a cruise with sundeck closed for for that amount of time.
  9. Thanks old buddy- you seem to be missing the whole reason of this thread. I'm not moaning about river levels bridges or locks. Emerald knew that they were going to close down the sundeck for half the duration of the cruise. They should have informed the passengers. They didn't. Why because they wouldn't have sold there cabins. I don't think sitting in lounge for 3.5 days is cruising. On what cruise were you when the sundeck closed for days. Please. just out of curiosity. Thanks for your comments
  10. Notamermaid- thanks for doing some trawling. We found that to, but I dare say there's a list of other things that are put on as a standard "we are not to blame" by most cruise companies. The days of a business hiding the bad points in small print and getting away with it are gone. I hope. Have Emerald lied about the sundeck being closed. No Did Emerald know the sundeck was going to close. Yes Did Emerald tell the fare paying guests that they closing the sundeck for half the.trip. No Are Emerald a cruise company to trust about being upfront with cruise information. Absolutely No. Sorry that I'm sounding bitter, but give the full and correct information and let me decide.
  11. pully8 we did a Christmas markets cruise 7 months ago. Luckily the weather was not that bad. But a view from the balcony is just that. Looking at one side of the river. Hopefully the side your cabin is on has the best views. I find looking out from the cabin gets monotonous.
  12. Does no one think that that Emerald used a ship that was not fit for purpose on this stretch of river.
  13. djh 1959 -Thanks. I could have a seat inside the lounge or my cabin. But for half of our cruise I couldn't go on the sundeck which is where I wanted to sit. But wasn't told beforehand.
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