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  1. kerrytens

    EPIC Crossing - Haven Experience Review

    Great review. I see some mutual friends in your photos!!
  2. Just followed you on periscope! Have a great cruise.
  3. kerrytens

    EPIC's coming back!!!

    I know, I know, I know! I'm so excited:D I was so upset that she left North America that I booked a Med cruise on her but now I get to look forward to another sailing on her!
  4. kerrytens

    Allure of the Seas Med 2015 Compass

    Hey Craig! I'm looking forward to reading more about your Allure adventures. Booked for a B2B in November myself!! Miriam
  5. kerrytens

    NCL Epic

    Oh no! If they cancelled it, they would have to do something for you. So sorry that you have to go through this though.
  6. Is that Jovan? If so, he was on my TA as well. Fun guy.
  7. Oh I so love this thread! Here are my heroes from my October transatlantic (some of the best 14 days I've ever had on a cruise ship). Bar waiter - Eligo (omg, I don't think I've ever connected with any other person on a ship as much as I did him). He was working in Shakers at that point but had told me that he'd be moving to another area the week after we got to Miami. Please, if you find him, say hi for me:D Bartenders - (yikes, note the plural there!) I Made (best frozen daiquiris ever!), Kenneth and Santosh. I never thought I would find a better bartender than Clarence but I'm pretty sure these boys may have done it. LOL!! Still love Clarence though. Entertainment staff - Lio (I believe he comes back to the ship this weekend). He was so much fun!!! Adorable Argentinian:D I'm not sure if it was a result of the amount of time I had onboard that really allowed me the time to get to know these guys but they were all heroes to me. Have fun on my favourite ship of all time! I want to go back so badly ... hmmh, how can I make Epic adventure #4 happen? :D
  8. I have to add my 'amazing photo' comments too. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. They are all making me more and more excited for my November Allure cruise:D:D
  9. kerrytens

    Anyone on the Epic right now???

    I, too, just got off of the 14 day TransAtlantic sailing. The Epic is in fine form with an amazing crew onboard right now. I know a few people who did a b2b and are currently on the ship right now. In fact, one just posted (on another unmentionable site) about how much she loved Jamaica:D Have a great cruise on my favourite ship. I will really miss her when she leaves us for Europe
  10. kerrytens

    Ncl epic extra cost for things

    Bowling was $7.00 (or was it $7.50?) and it does include the shoes. Just got off the Epic on Sunday after the most amazing transatlantic cruise:D I love this ship so much that I'm considering one last Caribbean trip on her this winter (it would be my forth time). Have fun!
  11. kerrytens

    ****LIVE from the 2014 Epic Transatlantic****

    Sally, just discovered your live from review!! I haven't had a chance to really get into it yet but I will for sure tomorrow when I'm hopefully more awake:D I loved chatting with you both here (and somewhere else) leading up to our cruise. I still can't believe that we never crossed paths on the ship. Can't wait to get into this review! Miss the sea yet? I sure do!
  12. kerrytens

    Epic - mini suite vs balcony room

    Not the case at all - it is a single bed at best. I've slept on one a few times during my Epic cruises. We've always booked an MA (mini suite with bathtub). To the OP, not much difference in the room actually except the room is a bit longer (not wider).
  13. kerrytens

    Cruise to Bermuda Video

    Such a fan of your videos - thanks again for sharing with us:D
  14. Wow!!!! What an amazing video! I hope that NCL sees it because it could be used in their advertising:D Thank you so much for sharing!
  15. kerrytens

    Escape - transatlantic

    I'm following along with this thread too as I'm in the same boat (sorry, no pun intended). We're booked for Feb 2016 in an aft right now with the option to switch if necessary. It's quite exciting booking a ship that is still being built actually. I'm looking forward to all of the announcements:D Hope you can make the TA work Sissasmom! Great gift.