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  1. No reason to get political, but I am of the opinion that this will extend well into summer. Just my opinion.
  2. Don't they also offer a bag of laundry at a set price like RCI??
  3. Fantastic review and congratulations on your Honeymoon. We board the Solstice on Sept 13 and also booked Aqua Class. We'll be in cabin #1518. Looking forward to your comments on the food and service in Blu and the Persian Garden facilities. Your review is helping us endure the wait. Thanks again.
  4. I guess upgrading to Aqua Class will prove its worth. Thanks./
  5. Do we need to be up on deck or with the view from our balcony be enough??
  6. We appreciate your post too, as it has helped me make the decision to just DIY this port. Thanks.
  7. We will be arriving in Lahaina Maui in September on the Celebrity Solstice and I'm wondering if there is a beach or nearby resort where we can just rent a couple of beach chairs and an umbrella like in the Caribbean. I would appreciate any recommendations or suggestions. Thanks.
  8. We recently booked only our second cruise on Celebrity and took advantage of some great pricing to upgrade to Aqua Class on the Solstice. Would love some insight on Blu, the Persian Garden and other perks for Aqua Class, specifically for the Solstice. Thanks so much.
  9. Question about the self-serve laundry for those of you that have been on similar Princess ships: Do the machines have automatic soap dispensers within the machine or do we need to bring detergent pods?
  10. On RCI, when you purchase the soda package, the charge includes tips.
  11. Love the Freestyle machines on RCI, so this is great news to me. I enjoy my Diet Coke without caffeine, so this is definitely not a "dumbing down" move imho.
  12. We board the Sky Princess on November 3, 2019 for a 28-day Mediterranean & Transatlantic cruise. This will be the first time we've cruised such a new ship. We're not on her inaugural cruise, but pretty close. I'm just hoping she gets completed on schedule so that there are no hitches in our travel plans.
  13. You'll probably get more responses if you post this question on the Roll-Call page for your specific cruise.
  14. I've never considered Orient a place to snorkel. If that's your primary interest, I'm sure there are better beaches.
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