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  1. Thank you Biker19..are you speaking of personal experience on a connecting cabin on the Oasis. We are traveling with friends and my husband has sleep issues so he will get up in the middle of the night and put on the TV, low, to mull him back to sleep…just concerned that this will bother our friends in the other cabin..and thinking of moving our cabin, but on the other hand don’t want to sacrifice giving up the cabin and opening up the divider on the balconies which we were looking forward to doing.
  2. We have a connecting balcony cabin. Can anyone tell me if you can hear the TV from the people in the connected cabin?
  3. Thanks... so we are on the port...and I can still switch to starboard...just a toss up if I want to see the Statue of Liberty from my balcony or go with starboard for the view of Cococay...we are also stopping in Cape Canaveral and Nassau so not sure what to expect there....but thanks for the pic!
  4. Thanks again...and sorry I should have asked before...what side is Perfect Day on
  5. Thank you for this heads up info…All looks good. We will be on her Sept 12th. Can you tell me which side of the ship was facing the Statue of Liberty when passing by…we are on the port side…hoping to see her from our balcony!
  6. How did you make dinner reservations for 9/12 cruise. We will be on that cruise too and there is nothing on the app or the cruise planner?
  7. Hi and thanks for the responses. I am aware of the few "beach spots" in the area that were mentioned and figured Uber was the best and safest method to get to these. Just not too sure if Jetty is clean enough to swim since it is so close to the port. Our main objective is just beach time with just a swim and relaxing on the beach..not really interested in the "town" itself and the activities at the pier. As mentioned we are just worried about venturing out due to the Covid situation. Thanks again for the input and suggestions.
  8. Has anyone taken either a private excursion or bus/taxi to Cocoa Beach from Port Canaveral while on the cruise during the last week (Aug 25) or so. Bahamas is now at a Level 4 high risk for covid and wondering what concerns anyone has or their experience. Also, can anyone advise if the seating in the theater (Oasis of the Seas) are being socially distant
  9. It has been said that there is a so called "secret door" and the end of the Sistine chapel to get into the Basilica to avoid waiting on another line to get in. This door is supposedly at the end of the Sistine Chapel to the right and is generally to be used only for tours and tour guides. Has anyone recently (2020) used this method, when not part of a group tour, to get into the Basilica?
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