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  1. I love to play trivia. On one B2B I (my team and I) managed to win a few, lost a lot, and got a "boobie" prize for lowest score (3 1/3). It's just fun. Now people think we cheat at music trivia, but two of my cruising friends are music trivia fiends and rarely get a question wrong. I do well with general knowledge, pop culture, lit, and movies. It's just fun. I have seen the binder people. I like to sit near them and loudly announce that the binder cheaters are at it again SMH. πŸ˜ƒ
  2. Charles, I am so very sorry. I know that finding comfort is hard right now, but your years of adventure and love will see you through this and into the future. I am going to leave you with a poem that has helped me. I hope it helps you too. Blessed Be. Deb ~~~~~ Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep by Mary Elizabeth Frye Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die.
  3. You can find them on Facebook Static Band Guyana
  4. Just got off the Royal and only missed two Bingo games on my 14 day (split up into two 7-days, so there were two large (over 2K) Jackpots on the last sea day). Leading upto the "must go" the jackpot needed to be had in 50 numbers or less, which is possible, but not probable πŸ˜‰ I use the pad, plus they give you a single game square for each of the 4 games. You do not need a dabber, we marked with pens and the casino people selling had pencils available if you needed one. First week I won a consolation jackpot on my single card, Second week I won another consultation jackpot, but on the pad. Best part was our Bingo caller Catalina from Argentina (Cash Cat). I have two sets of plastic cat ears that I won with my "jackpots", I almost like them more than the money.😻 I enjoy playing, even when I don't win and I actually came out a bit ahead for once, lol. To each their own. YMMV Cheers, Deb
  5. I never go to PC without renting a shell. It takes a lot to maintain my level of pasty whiteness! We have found that proping the back up lets the air flow, and we're in and out of the water all day anywhay. Also, for PC, water shoes are a must. I like the fact that my beverage package works on the island, we tend to go over to the quieter/rockier side by the food trucks. Enjoy! Deb
  6. Fresh Scones and cream in the Horizon at 330pm
  7. I am so sorry for your loss. I love that you want to keep the birthday tradition alive! Blessed be in all your adventures. I'm single, I sometimes travel with friends and family, but my absolute favourite vacations are ones I have taken by myself. Now, everyone is different, please take what works for you and scrap the rest. I am an extroverted introvert, which means I can be quite social, but I need serious "me time" to recharge my batteries. I've never had a problem making friends on a ship, you won't either. For me I do the following: 1) Join the role call and make connections; 2) Do anytime dining, that way you're free to join people in the dining room, or not, without obligation to a standing time; 3) Join in activities that bring your joy (for me it's trivia, karaoke, bingo, the bar); 4) Take time to just breathe and relax, however that looks like to you (I like to read by a pool or in the IC, and drink my way through a bar menu (<-- not at one go!)) 5) Enjoy the freedom of being beholden to no one but yourself. My Winter cruise tends to cover the anniversary of my Mothers death, I always find a way to honour her. Your trip will bring back memories for you, don't fight them, incorporate them into the new ones. Above all else, enjoy. Cheers, Deb
  8. I've sailed on the Regal and will be sailing on the Royal in January. I do enjoy the Atrium area with all the activity and the buffet (especially at 330pm when they put out the "tea" scones). The only thing I miss on this class of ship is the aft pool. There's still a bar and lounge area, but nowhere to go for a cooling dip with that aft view. The Crown is my favourite. Still, always happy to be on a ship. Cheers, Deb
  9. My winter on land will seem so much less dreary. Thanks J&G! Safe Travels!
  10. My Last B2B in FLL we stayed on the ship. We had to gather (and be scanned) in the showroom and were required to wait in there until we were zero'd out, then were scanned back in as we left the showroom.
  11. I always get it when I do the Caribbean, as the ship is the destination for me. I easily break even and probably end up a little bit ahead. I like not having to worry about a bar bill at the end. Everyone enjoys their vacation differently. This is how I enjoy mine. Last year I tried every margarita at Outriggers. That's my plan for January too ;) Speciality Tea, good wine at vines and at dinner, drinks and a show, the occasional shot of good tequila... To each their own. It's worth it for me.
  12. *happy dance* Looking forward to J&G's continued adventures!!! Deb
  13. Thanks!!! Can’t wait to depart... Now to get through the next week of work and last minute errands! Cheers, Deb
  14. That was my thinking too. Option the Second it is. =) Deb
  15. Alright. My Dad an I are flying in the same day as our cruise leaves Amsterdam (I know, don't get me started, it wasn't worth the argument). We are planning on taking the train into Amsterdam, when we arrive in the early morning hours. I have two trains of thought... A) I am assuming (again, I know) that HAL will have a representative at that airport for people who have purchased transfers to the ship. Do you think the HAL rep could be persuaded to take our luggage to the ship, but not us? or 2) The ship is walking distance from Centraal station, how early can we drop off our luggage? Things I should point out. i) We travel carry on only (yes it can be done, laundry will also be done); b) Dad is 80, in good health, walks without assistance; and 3) I really want to get rid of the luggage as fast as possible (baggage is another story). The one solid plan is to take a bit of a stroll before boarding, to stretch our legs, also - to get a beer. Any thoughts on my mind wanderings? Appreciated! Deb
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