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  1. Does anyone have any updates on the "probable" case of swine flu on victory. We are sailing on it this sunday and am obviously concerned they might not sail, or change itinarary, or skip ports and so on.
  2. Sorry I don't have dvr. Thanks for the tips on watching online, I didn't think of that. Thanks for all responses, and the ships tv guide. Seems like I shouldn't miss a thing unless I'm to tired to watch
  3. I'm not sure. What I do know is that if you pay with cash rather than a card, you do not get cut off when you use all your credit up. At least I never have. I have on several occasions used more than what I have given them(in cash) and have never once got a call or been cut off. They have always just gave us a bill on the last night and we paid it off before we got off ship.
  4. Sorry, I answered before I read entire question. I don't know if they will take it if you have it by the pool. I would think they wouldn't say anything
  5. Seems to be a relativly easy thing to "smuggle" it on. My father just got off the Spirit and he said he carried two bottles of whiskey on in his carry on and it was even searched by security and they didn't say anything. I guess it just depends on what mood security is in. Lots of people say they carry it on and some say they put it in there checked luggage and wait for it to arrive in there rooms.
  6. I will be on the Victory on the 17th sailing. My question is about the tv's in the rooms. I'm a big survivor fan( tv show for a few who may not have heard of it) and the season finale is on the 17th on CBS at 8:00pm est. Also the show 24 will be ending on the 18th on Fox at 8:00pm est .Does anyone know if the ship has these channels and at what time it would be on if they do? I know, we are on vacation, why watch tv? Every year we go on a cruise at the same time of year and always miss the season finale shows and we are lost when they return, so I would like to see them if we can.
  7. Glad I read 1st answer to your question before I answered. I was going to say I didn't think so. I was on the paradise a few years ago when it sailed out of florida and it did not have it then. They must have added since it moved out to west coast.
  8. I have been on 5 carnival cruises, one rccl, and one NCl which was the pride of america, hawaiian cruise. I like all the lines but to date I think the NCL cruise was the best. Thats the only NCL I have been on so I can't speak for the other ships but I liked that one more han any of the other cruises I've been on. Freestyle dining is a big plus for me.
  9. My wife and two kids did it last year in St Thomas and we liked it. The last I heard the Atlantis sub in St Thomas was to close for buisiness on may 1st. They might not be in buisness anymore. They said they wern't getting enough buisness to keep it open. You will have to check on that before you plan to do it in St Thomas.
  10. Your on board credit will be used for the tips. They automatically take tips out of the on board credit acct. Then after that, the remaining balance will be used for everything on the ship. You cannot spend cash on the ship, with the exception being in the casino. You will use it for your drinks,shopping,pictures,specialty food items that they might charge for(coffee,icecream ect..)
  11. Last cruise we ate at the buffet for every meal except the last night. For us it is just easier, don't have to dress up, can eat when ever we want. Yes it gets a little old after a while but we always manage. Most cruises we have been on we only eat in dining room once or twice a cruise.
  12. peg222- the origanal post asks our opinion on bringing laptop, my opinion was to leave at home. Seems fair to me that when you ask for opinions, than we have the right to say what we would do. As for the others who say that there may important things going on that people have to stay in touch, if that is the case, maybe you shouldn't be on a cruise if it's that important. I have kids who will be at home also, But I can certainly go a week without having to check in with them. If something happens at home, all they have to do is call carnival and they will get a hold of me. What do you all think we did before the age od e-mail and cell phones? Everything waited until we returned, that has not changed for me. Now, I don't care if someone takes a laptop with them or not. My main point is that your on vacation and to me that means getting away from all the stuff ewe deal with in everyday life..cell phones, computers, vehicles...ect.. If you feel the need to bring a laptop, go ahead, to some people that is relaxing, but not for me. I was just giving my opinion like the origanal post asked for.
  13. Not to be rude, but leave it at home, your on vacation. Whatever you might need the laptop for can wait until you get home. I do that with my cell phone, I don't want to here from anyone while I'm gone. Life seems easier when those things are left behind for a week. Makes me feel a bit more free.
  14. Seems like a reasonable question to be asked on here. If you don;t like the questions people ask than don't respond to them, it's that easy.
  15. Sorry won't be able to help you. We won't be home until midnight on the 24th. I haven't found any one to answer this fro me yet. If so I will post.
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