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  1. canuck eh?

    Midship Deck 11 on Epic

    thanks so much!
  2. canuck eh?

    Midship Deck 11 on Epic

    Has anyone stayed in this general area. We usually book midship on a much lower deck (Riviera) on CCL due to motion sickness. Anyone out there with the same issue? Thanks for the info.
  3. Prayers and thoughts are with you.
  4. canuck eh?

    Disappointed in Carnival Glory cruise

    We were on Glory last June and were also disappointed. All of our other Carnival cruises were great but this was a let down. We are now looking at NCL. We will try Carnival again.
  5. Another vote for the Eastern. Just liked it better.
  6. canuck eh?

    Upsell fairy called!!

    I might not ever want to leave the room. LOL Enjoy!
  7. canuck eh?

    Transportation to Aquarium in Boston

    Is the aquarium anywhere near Rowe's Warf(?) (water taxi)
  8. canuck eh?

    Enough time for all 3 in Halifax?

    Thanks so much about the tip on where to get lobster!
  9. canuck eh?


    Thanks so much - sounds like a plan.
  10. canuck eh?

    Enough time for all 3 in Halifax?

    thanks so much for the info. :)
  11. canuck eh?

    Post cruise Boston

    Thanks to everyone for all the info. Will take the cab to the water taxi and then enjoy the day.
  12. canuck eh?

    Post cruise Boston

    Thanks everyone for all of your help. The water taxi to the airport sounds really good. Is the water taxi near where the cruise ship docks? thanks.
  13. canuck eh?

    Post cruise Boston

    thanks William. Will check out your suggestions. No kids. Probably will have been to Quincy because our ship does not sail 'til 11:00 pm so we are having lots of time in Boston!
  14. canuck eh?

    Post cruise Boston

    HELP! Our ship docks 8:00am, June 10,2012. Our flight leaves 6:30pm. We will have luggage. We will have already done bike tour of Boston and Freedom Trail before the cruise. Maybe private tour to Salem? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. thanks so much.
  15. We will be in port from 8 -5. If we rent a car to drive to Peggy's Cove will we also have time for the Maritime Museum and Pier 21? Thanks.