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  1. We are booked on the APEX in January 2021 and I am thinking about driving to the port instead of flying. Has anyone parked there? How hard is it to get into the parking area? Are there enough spots to accommodate everyone? How long is the walk to the terminal and are there shuttles? I have only ever driven to New Orleans port and it was a hassle when it came time to disembark, due to the shuttling to the parking deck. Any advise? Thanks CC friends!
  2. I work in a blood center and he is correct. They have no idea if Convalescent Plasma will help the COVID patients. We have only been offering it for about a week and we can't keep it on the shelf. The hospitals are asking for it as fast as we can get it tested. On an interesting note, there was a rumor earlier that COVID effects more people with blood type "A". Most of our Convalescent Plasma donors are type A. Usually in any donation category the majority of donors are about equal type "A" and type "O", followed by "B" then "AB". We actually have one local patient who is blood type "B" and w
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