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  1. On my January Edge cruise you have to click "view all" at the bottom of the listed excursions to see the complete list. Not sure if this is for all dates. My booked horseback riding excursion wasn't showing until I clicked the view all tab. Tortola shows about 15 excursions including 2 for Jost Van Dyke.
  2. We stayed in E319 on the Regal in 2/2019. I looked at that picture too and thought it didn't look right. I think it's the angle which the picture is taken. There is a lifeboat in front of the balcony but it only comes up to the floor of the balcony so looking down is obstructed but looking straight out is fine. We really liked the location, view, price and size of that room. Would book again.
  3. On our 2/16/2019 Punta Cana was cancelled 2 days before we were scheduled to arrive. Samana was substituted on this Eastern itinerary. Shore excursions filled quickly. I heard the cruise before us went to Tortola. I'd research Samana. We had no idea what was available and had no internet to do research so we booked through the ship. Glad we did since it didn't appear there were many options available at the port. This is a tender port also.
  4. Wow, thanks again for all the great information. I am for sure going to get those food truck tacos. Glad to hear they taste as good as they look. Great prices too. Confirmed our choice of Paradise Beach over Mr. Sanchos this year. I don't mind the added 18% but good to check to make sure they get their tips. Taxi prices helped too so I know what to expect. I've cruised Regal last year but you've added so much information I've seemed to have forgotten or missed. I'm getting very excited after reading your review. We love movies under the stars and most of these are ones we haven't seen yet. German night is our favorite night in the buffet. If you remember what night that was we would appreciate that also. Thanks again for doing your "live" from the Regal. Enjoy your remaining time and Safe Travels.
  5. Again, thanks so much for the awesome information. An explanation of the internet really helps. I didn 't know about the 25% off for platinum so I'll wait until the 1st day to buy the pkg. Those bug bites look nasty, so I made sure I have bug spray along. You saved me some itiching! We also usually go to Mr. Sanchos but had already decided to go to Paradise Beach this time. I'll have to check how many ships are in port with us. I assume the same ones. Good to know to get there early. Those tocos look delicious. Approximately what to they cost? Is the food reasonable priced too? Love your pictures! Have a great rest of your cruise and I love reading about each day's experience.
  6. Great review. Looking forward to your port reviews also as this is the itinerary we will be doing on our Regal cruise end of January. I was wondering about the 25% platinum discount. I don't see it listed under perks of the Captain Circle. Is this new? Do you have to ask? I was thinking of booking unlimited internet but will wait until onboard if an additional 25% is available. Thanks for your help. Enjoy your 2nd week!
  7. Thanks for your help. I'm guessing if they have a show it's probably shortly after the ship arrives. Will check on board with shore excursion desk. Not much information regarding this port since so few ships stop here. I'm thinking we'll probably just take the shuttle to one of the beaches. $109 (Celebrity excursion) seems expensive for a beach day. I was originally looking forward to this port since we've never been here before. Now not so much. Again thanks for your response.
  8. boardgirl148, a previous poster talked about a show at the port that was someone on stilts and circus like. Lasted about an hour. Did you notice anything like this when you got off the tender? Just wondering how often it was performed or what time is was scheduled. Any help would be appreciated. Will be on the Equinox in February.
  9. I was also considering this excursion through Celebrity. Hope someone has done this excursion and will post their experience/opinion.
  10. I would also give a thumbs up for bonaire vista tours. Great price and the husband and wife owners are some of the friendliest ever. They really know the island. If you've never been to Bonaire I would suggest a guided tour rather than on your own. Having someone explain what you are seeing really adds to the experience IMO.
  11. Just a heads up. If you want the oceanfront LQ make sure that is the one you book since there are 2 in the Cocoa Beach area. One is across the street from the Palms and about a block from the ocean. The LQ closer to the Pier is the nicer one and oceanfront.
  12. Thanks Charleysmom for the great information. Good to know there is a dive shop next door, too. Our son and his wife are certified divers and like to snorkel too. This would be the best of both worlds for us. I like the fact they limit the number of guests too. We've been to Tropicante but wanted to try something different.
  13. We've stayed at the International Palms for the last 5 to 6 years every January and February. Have not stayed at the LQ or Best Western. I have to agree with SteerageJoe's advice. LQ first, Best Western then IP. We were able to find reasonable rates at the IP so that swayed us to that property. They also have an $8.95 resort fee in addition to the quoted rate. Rates lately have been on the high side in my opinion. The rooms are very basic and not all include a microwave and refrigerator. The bathrooms are what I would call rough. The property itself is nice, especially the pool and grounds and nice bar right on the beach. There is a Denny's across the street for breakfast and a Dunkin Donuts about 2 blocks away. They don't offer breakfast as part of their standard room rate. At times the property can be noisy due to lots of cruise groups and sports groups that book this property. I would book this property if it is a lot cheaper than the other options otherwise consider staying somewhere else. Hope this gives you more food for thought.
  14. Jaime's Tropical Resort sounds great. I looked at their web page and they say unlimited food and drink. How did this work? Could you order from the menu or was a buffet set up. Just curious. I see the boats in the picture. Could you also book this at an extra cost? Was it snorkeling, diving or both? Thanks for your help. I think we would really enjoy this place.
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