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  1. Since it was all over the news last night that all cruises from the USA are suspended until Sept. 15th but we have not received a "cancellation" email from RCC yet for our Aug. 29th cruise out of Miami am I able to call them to tell them I want a refund? Or do I have to wait until I get that email that they cancelled? We decided we dont want the FCC and would rather just have our money back, or are we screwed out of our money? Next question, I had purchased the drink package and an excursion, if I go into my order history and just click cancel will that just refund those back to my credit card? I don't want any future credits.
  2. Ugh, its just a waiting game then....we have a plan B in our back pocket for a local land getaway in case we dont get to sail....oh the anxiety 😉
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows how close to a sailing do they cancel, if they are? I know this all depends on a lot of things but the past cancellations, how close to a sailing date did they cancel? We have a cruise scheduled for Aug.29th out of Miami and its nerve wracking not knowing if its a go or not LOL.
  4. We are booked on the same cruise! My crystal ball is broken but we are hoping it's still going to happen. I don't think anyone knows....I am ready to get our lives moving again 🙂
  5. Which date in Aug, we are on the one going the 29th....Hoping Symphony will be a go 🙂
  6. We have a 7 day booked on Symphony of the Seas Aug. 29, 2020 out of Miami.....hoping thats a go! That ship should be big enough to social distance 🙂
  7. The Aug 29, 2020 sailing the price is still at $61, I have never seen it go down....to me that seems high for a 7 night cruise! 😒
  8. Premium drink package on our sailing on symphony of the seas is $61 and I haven't seen it budge! seems like a lot for 2 of us on a 7 night cruise
  9. We have a cruise booked for Aug. 29th on the Symphony of the Seas, final payment is due in a few weeks....on the fence as what to do, we are hoping it sails but it's not looking likely 😞
  10. LOL!!!! tired of talking about corona this and corona that 🙂
  11. Have you been to casinos on land? 90% of the people are smokers it seems. We have gone to the non smoking sections at the casinos and they are pretty empty compared to the rest of the casino and most have their cigarettes/cigars and drinks in hand. If I had to place a bet (lol) I would say they will NOT make the casino non-smoking.
  12. We never even do the buffet at breakfast, dining room only. The only time we eat at the buffet is first day at lunch because there is no other option. Cannot stand everyone's nasty unwashed hands all over the serving utensils, grosses me out. We typically stay away from the self serve ice cream and the lido drinks too. Cafeteria style would work and have staff serve them onto your plate, way more sanitary.
  13. We are booked on the same cruise :) We hope we are still going!
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