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  1. I wonder when the last time a thread (s) went over 100 pages. This one is going to make it.
  2. Zaandam bearing 220 and 8NM out, She will still take a half hour to get to the pilot. So close!!
  3. DeSantis on Cavuto sounds like he has modified his tough stance. Says he just realized there are 50 Floridians on board and 300 Americans. Sounds like it will be FLL.
  4. We saw the sail by at St Andres yesterday. I thought it was strange at the time. I assume it would be dicey transferring from one ventilator to another, unless they were going to leave the HAL ventilator. This will be an incredible story of effort when it is all told!
  5. Zaandam showing 20.4 Kts. That is pushing warp speed for her. Although she has the current with her. Looks like about 200NM left to FLL. They should be there a little after midnight. That is a lot of extra fuel if they can't dock til Friday?? Or do they know something??
  6. Copper Isn't it scheduled for the Commission and Unified Command to meet tomorrow morning to accept or reject whatever plan is put forth?? That would put off debarkation at pier 2 &4 until Friday at the earliest??
  7. Interesting stop. They are about 100NM from Havana. We will know if there might be something happening there in about 6 hours. They seem to be definitely committing to Florida.
  8. Sounds like trying to draw an inside straight. Isn't it still a unanimous decision?? Two different entities (and votes) by Commission and Unified Command (aka - Joint powers Authority). There Thursday, but 12 miles offshore hoping for a group of self preservation politicians to decide if the plan is perfect. I would hope we can get better odds. If it falls thru, then where, Port Canaveral, Jacksonville or ? They are then committed to east coast of Florida and north.
  9. They expect that these ships will keep coming toward Florida without a port that has given permission to dock while they ruminate?? Insane!! The time to make a decision is dwindling to about 15 hours . They are basically delaying until Thursday to make a decision. Galveston is looking better all the time if they can get approval. My guess is that HAL already knows if that is feasible. It might mean a little more time at sea but a port that might welcome them. The culture in Texas is in their favor.
  10. I get the impression that they expect a salute. Fortunately, I am always uncovered and can't. When they get to 6 stars the military will have to up their game.
  11. Thanks! That is a better site than the one I have been using! The Insignia is one of the R class now Oceana. I wonder where she has been.
  12. It seems that they are making about 17 Knots. The currents here are with them so it is strange that they aren't faster. Can anyone identify the passenger ship behind Z & R on the same course??
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