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  1. x-ray onboard was inconclusive if it was broken or not. The healing time will be the determining factor. Normally a long distance runner, I cannot exercise at all for at least a month more per the orthopedic doctor I saw on land. Really messes up the plans for my 35th anniversary to run a half marathon with my hubby in seven weeks.
  2. Honestly, I rode it because there wasn't a waiver. I figured that meant it was a safe activity. Afterwards I found out about the broken legs and bruised/broken tailbones.
  3. They make you cross your legs as a front passenger because people have broken their legs. Butts up is always a rule with inner tubes, but they make sure the front passenger is sunk all the way the the bottom. Can't believe this thing doesn't require a waiver!
  4. Indeed. I was very surprised by how frank the officer on board was. Mainly I hope they expedite correcting the problem, assuming all heals well. Since the injury I've heard from friends who had tailbone injuries that bothered them for years.
  5. Badly bruised tailbone. It's always the smallest person riding in the front. There is no padding in the bottom of the inner tube and they load the front passenger with crossed legs so that you sink all the way tot he bottom of the inner tube. Lifeguards say they see folks rubbing their butts when they get off all the time.
  6. I was injured riding the Tidal Wave water slide on RCCL Liberty of the Seas. I spoke with the Chief Safety Officer on board and he said it is a known problem. He told me about the exact same injury happening to another woman a few cruises before mine. He said that he is trying to get approval to add a cushion to the bottom of the inner tubes used on the slide. He also said in investigating the problem that the lifeguards say it happens a lot. I guess not many people bother reporting it? I thought I'd check here to see if others have had a similar experience.
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