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  1. Hi WorkstoCruise: Our flights were just fine and Oceania booked them - they weren't packed but were reasonably full. We will be doing the same thing in April when we go on Riviera next. I recommend the KN95 masks (we got our's on Amazon). The airlines may require testing but it's hard to predict so far ahead. We had to show our vaccination cards to fly. Oceania met us at the airport by baggage claims. Easy to find them and all went smoothly.
  2. We elected to go with Oceania's excursions but in several ports we were allowed to walk back from the excursions at our leisure. They did have some shuttles in several of the ports so folks could do independent exploration. I suspect this is hard to predict accurately as it is dependent upon infection rates, from my perspective.
  3. Hi Cliff-FLL, Oceania tested every passenger before boarding. And yes, they had less passengers so there was no trouble getting a table. I do not know if all the cruises will be as limited, passenger-wise, but on ours I heard there were less than 400 passengers on a ship with 1200 capacity...I imagine they will gradually increase capacity as more people book and are comfortable traveling. I believe one reason for pre-cruise testing, at least for us before flying out, is to validate you are negative and it ensures Oceania's policies have been abided by. We had no issues and felt they did a great job.
  4. We sailed on Marina's first cruise to restart after the Covid pandemic 'pause' and Oceania did a great job. There was plenty of space for social distancing; staff and passengers wore masks routinely. The buffets had see through 'saran wrap' style shields around food and staff cheerfully served passengers whatever was requested. To embark, a covid test was done efficiently and during the cruise when another covid test was required by a port, they were readily available. At the end of the cruise they had an organized system for providing covid retesting so passengers could easily fly home, meeting the airline/countries requirements for a recent negative covid test. This testing was recognized by Oceania as 'part of the package' required to resume cruising and they did a great job. The crew on Oceania Marina were cheerful in spite of the mask requirements and the requirements that they remain on the ship to make certain there were no additional risks to the traveling passengers. We were able to go on excursions and see ports pretty well as we did prior to the pandemic, except we wore masks. I would give Oceania a 10 and we will look forward to traveling with them again in about 6 months.
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