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  1. Never been on 3-nighter before. All others cruises had formal nights. Does a 3-nighter also have a formal night?
  2. We are going to cozumel on indy. Any free wifi spot within walking distance from the (International) pier?
  3. This will be our 3rd Indy in January. In previous 2 sails, we got the window table at 5:30 pm using the method in OP. The sunset around 5:45 pm, which we enjoyed while dining. We want to get the window table to repeat the experience.
  4. While cruising, I want to communicate with other guests without paying for internet. I was able to do that using Royal IQ + discord. Does RCI app allow hidden access to certain websites/apps?
  5. In 2016 and 2017, when we sailed on Indy, we had MTD. On first day, we asked Maitre for the 1st available window table for the entire cruise. In both occasions, we got the window table with a nice view. Will this method still work on Indy (or any ship)? Or, any strategy to reserve a window table?
  6. Does RCI app on Indy allow any backdoor access to any page/app?
  7. We liked Bernards. But it may not be best for Maho beach because Bernards tour spent just 30 minutes there.
  8. Any websites/internet app that are backdoor accessible without paying for internet? For example, discord app works in Harmony without the internet package.
  9. TY. I called C&A. Got credits for all the sails including our 1st cruise 10 yrs ago.
  10. We have 2 young kids that we sailed together since they were born. But we didn't create C&A accounts for them. Now, if we create accounts, can they get credits for all previous cruises? How-to?
  11. We will cruise on 1/3/2019 and it will be our 3rd IOS (1st after reno).
  12. I'll be on another Indy 4-day cruise (my 3rd Indy but 1st after reno). I live in FLL and always used port parking for its convenience. It's $15 per day, IIRC. You may not like to wait in a line again, after going through customs.
  13. Good to know. My next cruise is Indy (IOS). Will OP Google Sheet work without paying?
  14. Good to know that Google Sheet works with non-paid WIFI. I was on Harmony in July and found Discord app works too.
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