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  1. We will be getting off the Navigator in Miami and staying overnight one night post cruise. I was wondering if anyone has any experience disembarking first thing and doing a hop on hop off tour in the area? We would love to see the different neighborhoods in the city. Are there any companies that offer storage on the bus for our luggage or somewhere near the pier that we can pay to store suitcases? We will be staying at the Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon and would need to eventually make our way there after the tour.
  2. it sounds basically like we need to get out of the way LOL
  3. Hmm I better look that up. I am clearly out of the loop on what is going on with Allure and how that impacts our sailing. I have homework to do LOL
  4. We are booked on the NYE 4 night sailing on Navigator (Bahamas, sea day, CocoCay). I noticed when I logged into my account the other day that there was a pop up saying the itinerary had changed. It is all the same stops but in reverse order. It doesn't matter to me, I actually like the order a bit better but was wondering if anyone had any insight as to why they would just flip it around? Just curious
  5. I am wondering about the Dress To Impress night the New Years Eve sailing. I wonder if that is the exception and if there will be a formal night on NYE
  6. Does anyone know if they have an unguided jet ski option? Husband and son (17 at time of travel) want to just putter around
  7. I noticed one of the drink packages (non alcoholic) includes bottled sparkling water. Does anyone know what brand that would be? Is it regular or the flavored variety (like la croix, bubly etc) TIA
  8. So my son (who will be 17 at time of sailing) loves nice things (LOL kids seem to have more taste these days than I did at that age). He is saving money from his job so he can do some shopping when we are in Nassau. What are the shops at Atlantis like and are there any other brand name stores that we should check out? (even if he can only afford one thing LOL). Any high end outlets etc? I have seen some on other islands but it has been MANY years since we have been to Nassau
  9. I was wondering - I have seen some photos of the pool deck and it looks like there are cabanas/day beds. Does anyone know if they are available to rent for the day/half day or are all of them strictly first come first served, have to battle the chair hogs kind of deal?
  10. I hope you are right as we are planning on using the sofabed on our trip
  11. Does anyone know - after the extensive refurb that Navigator received - were all cabins given a refresh or just certain groups?
  12. So here is a related question that the OP may need to have answered to pass the info to the rest of the group. It has been years since we sailed so I don't know the answer to this but someone else might. When they all board will there be a hold on each of their credit cards like there would be at check in at a hotel? What amount is that normally?
  13. Ok so what about the frequency of the orders... if I take both my and hubby's card to get us each a drink and we don't like them (maybe we tried something new that was too sweet) can we go right back and get something else?
  14. I am going to purchase the alcoholic drink package for our next sailing. I was curious... if I am say finishing up at the pool and want to take a couple drinks back to the cabin while I shower, get dressed and sit on balcony before dinner - am I restricted to ordering one at a time? What if I am back in cabin dressing and hubby is still at pool - can he bring back one for each of us?
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