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  1. Enterprise on Ocean Blvd. does shuttle people over to the port. They don't have shuttles, they use the rental cars. One time we were shuttled over in the car we rented and another time we shared an suv with another couple.
  2. OP - since your first stop will be Cabo, there is an OXXO just off the marina. When you get off the tender, turn right just before Senor Frogs and continue walking between the buildings. OXXO is at the end of the tunnel. I usually buy a bottle of water and/or an ice cream, pay in dollars and get change in pesos.
  3. We like going to Las Guacamayas. It's on Lazaro Cardenas between Metamoros and Ocampo.
  4. No problem parking for the short cruises. We usually head straight for level 3 of the structure. I've never been lucky enough for finding a spot on 2. In case you don't know, parking is $20/day.
  5. If you are at one of the higher number terminals, the FlyAway might be full. If that is the case, head over to a lower number terminal to make sure you get on. Yes, the FlyAway buses and all shuttles still pick up in front of the terminals.
  6. The taxis seem to charge more going back to the ship than going to the malecon from the ship. We have learned to ask to be dropped off either at WalMart or Soriana and walk over to the ship.
  7. I have never seen any mercado in the tourist area in Ensenada. Same in Cabo. I love going to the restaurants that are in mercados. We've gone to the ones in Mazatlan by the Cathedral, in La Paz (where everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us) and have gone to two different mercados in Puerto Vallarta.
  8. The following restaurants in Ensenada we were either the only non locals, or maybe one other table of tourists. El Parian on Castillo & 4th has food that you would expect at a Mexican restaurant. On Castillo & 3rd, there is a good bakery. We also like to go to Birrieria Guadalajara on Macheros between Lopez Mateos and 2nd. It is known for their stews and plancha. The other restaurant we like is Potrero Viejo on 2nd and Riveroll for gorditas and pozole.
  9. I think it is just a shop. But it isn't that far of a walk. Maybe 15 minutes, depending on how fast you walk.
  10. All cruise lines except Carnival depart out of San Pedro.
  11. They've had POG for years. I usually add orange juice to cut the sweetness.
  12. We usually go to those ports in February. The temps generally range between the mid-70's to the high-80's.
  13. I sure hope you're staying on the ship on the sea day!!😯 Activities are light on port days as most people are in port. There is usually a trivia game every hour and maybe some games (large jenga) at the casino bar area.
  14. Us too. Prefer the fries at the grill. Only place on the ship where you can get chicken strips, grilled chicken breast sandwich and honey mustard sauce.
  15. We pay $5/$6 to go to the mercado in either a taxi or pulmonia (golf cart). The Blue line (painted in middle of Carnaval Street and a few streets near the port) doesn't go to the Cathdral. Basically you are on Carnaval street. It stops at Plazuela Machado. From there you need to walk up another 2 or 3 blocks and to the right another 2 or 3 blocks to get to the Cathedral. The mercado is another 2 blocks past the Cathedral. Check google maps for the locations I mentioned. We usually grab a ride to the mercado and follow the Blue Line back. We like to get a few tamales and an agua fresca in the mercado, then walk over to the plaza in front of the Cathedral and soak up the local scenery. We also like to get a raspado (snow cone) from the cart in front of the Cathedral. There are bees there, but they are more interested in the syrup than you. At the port, look for older people wearing light blue shirts. They are expats. They will tell you how to get to the beginning of the the Blue Line from the ship. The taco stand in the port has good food at reasonable prices. You can also hire a pulmonia for a 1 hour tour for about $25. They take you to the lighthouse, cliff diver, Cathedral and mercado. For a 2 hour tour, they usually add the Gold Zone (where the all inclusives are). When we did a 1 hour tour, we told the driver to drop us off at the mercado. In my opinion, the Gold Zone is similar to the Marina area in Cabo in that it is geared more towards tourists instead of the locals. We like the area around the Cathedral and mercado because we like to be where the locals eat and shop.
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