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  1. Thanks tons and tons! I will check as well.
  2. Hi all: To get a lower price they changed my room number x 2, but the booking number is the same. However when I look now on the Carnival site I see FTTF, My shore excursion and my Bus Transfer, but do not see any of my restaurant reservations or my fun shop purchase. I also do not see any refund on the credit card. Anyone else have issue like this when room was changed?
  3. I may be in the minority but very happy for change. Pepsi 4tW. Not a big alcohol drinker though and what I drink all has umbrellas in it.
  4. I booked 6 months out. Not sure what the limit is though.
  5. I know it is generalizations but I thought it was RCCL and Disney with the best "entertainment" / production shows. Carnival = best comedy. Princess while more laid back and very arguably better food (I think its fairly evenly distributed 50/50 as to if the food is better on Princess) is not generally rated as having better entertainment? NCL would (in general) come before Princess as far as entertainment / shows... Just want I have read have only been on Disney before and thought their productions were top notch. This was 10 years ago before the cost of Disney is
  6. Here is the quote for Steakhouse from Carnival FAQ: There is a nominal fee of $38 USD per adult and $12 USD per child, 11 and under (when ordering from the Kids' menu, available upon request).
  7. Hi All: Need some help. As soon as we got confirmation that our cruise was booked I went onto the Carnival website to reserve my specialty restaurant days and times. There are 20 different definition of what age qualifies for kid for excursions and on the cruise itself. We booked two rooms adjoining. I got all my dates and times for each restaurant (Did them all - Steakhouse 1st night, Italian and Asian). When asked to make reservations for each room it had adults and kids so I choose one of each x 2 rooms. Now I am reading that kids = 11 yea
  8. August 22nd is my cruise date and I am inside cabin 4A. I have seen zero drop or am I doing something wrong?
  9. August cruise zero drop for inside cabin. Maybe it’s because it’s the vista?
  10. Thank you! Now it is clear. Much apprecaited.
  11. So I am slightly more awake now than when I posted but I went back and looked. I see GUY'S PIG & ANCHOR BAR-B-QUE is open for lunch. No mention of dinner. Is this ala carte dinner time or just a flat fee?
  12. Ok. Color me confused. On Vista I thought Pig and Anchor was a free option? Is it different per ship? Only free for lunch like some others? Is it ala carte for dinner?
  13. I am pretty frugal over all but vacation is vacation and I don't do big vacations except every 3-5 years. That being said .. 4 drinks a day (2@ Wife and Me) = about $40 x 6 (7 day cruise).. so that is about $240 bucks. Speciality restaurants about $150 ish. Excursions we have about $250 for four people ... just doing one and I got a price match on it. So our next cruise will be about $650.00 minus OBC 200 and price match 50 bucks ... so around 450 bucks which is about right for us.. Something between 300 and 500.
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