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  1. No test is needed to disembark in Miami. It is only for those flying to US. A crew member told me there are only 170 passengers on this next leg of the cruise.
  2. Wow, more disappointing news today. Now they cancelled our upcoming VIP Blue Lagoon shore excursion in Nassau due to low participation. With people getting on the ship that day and with many disembarking, there were not a lot of people left to book excursions. I am sure this was an unforeseen problem that Crystal did not anticipate.
  3. Tomorrow, we plan to go to Gordons Beach. Does anyone know if we should bring our snorkel gear and water shoes or is it a sandy bottom?
  4. Serenity. They are revising todays Reflections because it became a sea day with Great Exuma being cancelled due to rough seas. I am sure that the people who had scheduled Swimming with Pigs will be disappointed. You might be able to book it privately when in Nassau. We had a snorkeling trip, that we were really looking forward to, get cancelled as well. There will not be any table games in the casino because they can’t use poker chips due to covid. We ate in Prego last night and it was beyond fabulous. I keep looking for Gary, based on his CC picture but have not seen him.
  5. We boarded from Miami on Monday. It took two hours from the time we arrived at the port (noon) to actually getting on the ship. The hang up was that so many people were waiting to get the covid test.
  6. Do you have to wear a mask when laying on a lounge chair by the pool? Should provide an interesting tan line on the face.
  7. Keith, thanks for your kind words of wisdom and for all the posting that you do. It must be like a full time job, but so much appreciated by so many. We are leaving tomorrow and will heed your advice to be super careful at LAX and Miami airports and then our two days in Miami. The final boarding Covid test is always a nail biter for everyone.
  8. What do you mean by "take a photo at Customs"?
  9. Thank you for sending updates. Very curious about Miami departure. You do not need to take a Covid test to get off in Miami, correct? We are embarking in Miami on the 23rd and still have the pleasure of figuring out how to do the Bahamas Visa.
  10. In the VISA application, it sure seems like putting in cruise originating in the US" is the correct box to check. If you select "vessel", then it asks you for a vessel number which we don't have.
  11. This is exactly how I am interpreting it.
  12. Latest vacation guide was from just a couple days ago. The chart on the last page says those embarking in Miami to get a voucher for testing on board. However, CDC requirement say it is for those "flying" into the US. It is the airlines that check if you have had a test before you are allowed to get on the plane, so there won't be anyone checking as we walk off the ship in Miami. I'm sure this is a cut and paste type error on Crystals part.
  13. They added the vaccination chart on the last page. BUT it is different than the one Keith posted. For Miami embarkation, they added to buy the antigen test voucher with your VISA. I don't understand this since we are not flying back to the US. Why does every update add more confusion?
  14. We feel the exact same way. Planning for a trip was always a favorite thing to do for me. I have never gone on a vacation that has had so much pre-trip stress. I know that once on board, things will be great. The fear is not making it on board.
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