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  1. gemz


    Did you initiate the cancellation? Or they cancelled your sailing? When were you to sail? We were to sail March 9, canceled on March 6 and they're saying no refunds.
  2. We pulled the plug on our Dream Cruise that sailed yesterday 😞.
  3. We sadly pulled the plug on our Dream sailing today that we booked 10 mths ago. So disappointing.
  4. I agree I had that same line of thought up to a few days ago but with it not just in countries but circulating in the US (The one community case in CA, grand princess people left the ship and went home) that is what is worrisome.
  5. I’m so mad at China for doing this to the world. Covering it up initially From that doctor’s initial warnings and their animal markets. im not scared of dying of this just scared this is going to ruin the vacation we planned 10 months ago that my children are so excited for. and I haven’t slept well all week so concerned about everything.
  6. Same. I booked our Dream cruise back in May. We are still going, sailing Monday.
  7. Are the dresses special or different than or limited to this experience and can’t buy anywhere else? Trying to assess if the dress option is worth it or if it’s the same as what they sell at the regular stores. I know some dresses aT WDW are exclusive to the park and can’t buy at DS
  8. Thank you! Are the dresses onboard unique to the cruise? We got a Frozen anna dress at WDW that was unique to there. Don’t want a dress we can find at the Disney store.
  9. Does anyone have the price list of the bibbidy bobbidty experience on 4 day Dream? TIA!
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