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  1. I'm cruising on the Constellation in a few days from Rome to Dubai. I only need occasional internet access so don't want to pay for the full cruise. I have tried asking the people at Celebrity if I can just buy it by the day / hour when I need it but no-one seems capable of providing me with an answer. 😢 Does anyone here know if you can buy it by the day (hour would be even better, as I only needs it to check in on emails etc every couple of days). cheers
  2. I give up 😞 I've spent the last 10 minutes trying to to register for the Meet & Mingle on Celebrity Constellation Cruise leaving Rome on November 18th and keep going round in circles. Can someone please send me the navigation details. Similarly, 'm trying to update my signature and have tried several routes but can't find an update tab. It looks like CC have made some significant, and detrimental, changes to the website since I was last on. 😞 cheers
  3. You only ever tip on the last night of a cruise. You might want to check to see if your deal already includes all gratuities. If you have a favourite bar that you drink in you may want to tip the barman early on in the cruise to improve your chances of getting good service during the cruise (Not that the service is bad, it's usually quite good anyway).
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