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  1. You only ever tip on the last night of a cruise. You might want to check to see if your deal already includes all gratuities. If you have a favourite bar that you drink in you may want to tip the barman early on in the cruise to improve your chances of getting good service during the cruise (Not that the service is bad, it's usually quite good anyway).
  2. You can take what you want back to your room regardless of whether you have the drinks package or not. If you mean can you bring drinks back to your room that you have brought onto the ship that's another story. Here's a tip. Without knowing what cruise line you are on - most drinks packages exclude bottles of wine bought in the dining rooms (although the price is usually discounted), but if you order your wine by the glass instead of the bottle it's included in the package - this can make the difference between a drinks package being worthwhile or not.
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