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  1. edwardsm

    Freeport beaches question

    We will be in Freeport next week from 12-7 by way of cruise ship. I've read the must see or do are Banana Bay, Gold Rock Beach and Lucayan National Park. I would like to visit them all if possible correct me if I'm wrong, Banana Bay is a restaurant in the same area as Gold Rock beach. How far form that beach is Lucayan National Park?
  2. edwardsm

    Hot White Party on short cruises

    Yes, that sounds a lot like how it was on Norweigan except it was held in the nightclub. Everyone dressed in white They had a dance contest, flashing lights with employees dressed in white costumes hosting various contests. I guess it is only on Carnival's long cruises.
  3. edwardsm

    Hot White Party on short cruises

    Thank you, It was a big fun energetic celebration on our Norwegian cruise last year. Although we mostly cruise Carnival, we have never attended the hot white parties. .
  4. edwardsm

    Hot White Party on short cruises

    Does anyone know if there is a hot white party on the Elation 4 day cruise?
  5. Does anyone know if there the Elation 4 days Nassau/ Freeport itinerary have a hot white party? If so,which night is it?
  6. edwardsm

    British Hilton vs Melia

    thanks for the feedback everyone. we will go to Melia
  7. edwardsm

    what do you love about Carnival?

    I agree with everything you said plus I think Carnival's food is better and cabins larger.
  8. edwardsm

    British Hilton vs Melia

    Middle aged laid back couple need help deciding between the two resorts for our day in Nassau. We are not interested the water sports and pools. Interested in a relaxing clean shaded beach with lounge chairs and or umbrellas. Good food is important too. I'm not a drinker but my husband likes beer and margaritas. We will only be on the beach for about 4-5 hours. If we choose the Melia, what's the price for a taxi from Carnival pier? I'm thinking we can eat breakfast on the ship and buy lunch at the resort. Are the food and drinks pricey? If we choose Hilton, we are paying for food we can get on the ship but saving on cab fare. which will give us more band for our buck?
  9. We stayed in an OV cabin on our cruise this past August and I don't recall bunk beds wall pull outs but it did have a sofa.
  10. We were also on this cruise the same time as you and enjoyed it greatly. I may write a review in days to come after hurricane Irma has passed.
  11. edwardsm

    LaCucina or Jefferson?

    We're not big fans of steak, I like Italian, my husband, not so much. We both love seafood. I'm willing to try French food so I think i will go with Jefferson"s Bistro since my husband is leaving all the planning up to me.
  12. Thank you for the review. We will be on this cruise in 2 weeks! Excited!!
  13. edwardsm

    LaCucina or Jefferson?

    Thank you guys
  14. Finalizing my 3 specialty meal reservation for upcoming cruise on the POA. Chose Cagneys and Teppanyakie but can't decide between LaCucina and Jeffersons . For those who have eaten at both in question, which did you enjoy the most?