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  1. Good question. I’ve always wondered but never had the guts to pull the trigger.
  2. The aged community. That’s funny😂
  3. I like the idea but it doesn’t look as good on the magic as it does n the Mardi Gras.
  4. I just got a similar letter in freelance to my Galveston cruise and it still says the Florida specific part. I think it’s just a blanket letter to everyone buy really only applies to Fl
  5. Wow that’s interesting. I just got a letter from carnival that Sid they were not giving exemptions to anyone who was not vaccinated and over 12. I’m sailing out of Texas though so that might be different for Florida cruises.
  6. I was thinking the wind might be an issue as well because it’s mostly forward facing. Also some chance we will be looking right onto other peoples balconies.
  7. I just got it as well. But as of now it seems accessing the site is not possible.
  8. For any cruise in 2021 with children I would personally pass on. not for any other reason then the guidelines for who will get exemptions and the small number given would be to me a bit stressful as you clearly are already experiencing.
  9. Two days as in over night or one day then com back another day?
  10. Deck 10 balcony is going to be awesome but you really should give the cove balcony a short hey are awesome. in some situations you might get a little mist on your balcony but this is an experience like none other I have had cruising. The sound of the water on that low deck is amazing. Next time give it a go.
  11. I'm set to sail on the 2nd of Aug and cant check in till the 19th of July. this seems to be (at least for now) the way check-in is going to go.
  12. As of now Carnival ships are going out 95% vaccinated. This is the reason they can and should loosen up on so of these protocols. Their concern for health and safety are exactly they reasons they are sailing with 95% vaccinated.
  13. Platinum gives you priority but its not a requirement. You can leave when you see fit.
  14. Because the cruises are going out everywhere else with little or no issue. The problem is Florida.
  15. I can’t imagine that working on a cruise ship is “essential.
  16. Are you asking can you get a lower price or just if they can share if they want to?
  17. That's what I thought as well that's why I booked one for next summer. I hope it really is what it looks like.
  18. I think that's an outstanding Idea. Moreover I really love your idea for the tier name. Should comes with a sick Black and platinum card.
  19. That's interesting is that new? I have never had a hole punched in my S&S.
  20. wearing a mask might affects their abilities to sing or play. also the other crew will likely wear mask so it seems the OP just wanted to know if performers would do the same.
  21. I’m not sure why this would matter. You only need a negative COVID test to enter. You don’t have to be vaccinated to enter the U.S.
  22. That’s interesting. We have never had to wait. Are you normally a larger party?
  23. I like the ability to eat when I want in the MDR. I also like that I can sit basically alone with my wife and not interact with others if we choose not too.
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