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  1. No trips planned. Sharon Rae's physical rehab is still in play for another month or so. I'm scheduled for left knee surgery a week after Thanksgiving and the right knee in February or March. I hope we can start booking cruises for next Summer & Fall.
  2. Steve Jacobson is a rock ribbed Midwestern American who grew up in the Chicago area and majored in Hospitality Industry at a Milwaukee college. He is very direct, sincere, and straight forward. He is not a fawner, pretentious, or touchy-feely. Perhaps those traits are valued more by Americans. I remember being the last to disembark in New York and he bid us farewell with grin on his face by saying: "We should have been all clear 15 minutes ago. I go on vacation today which started 15 minutes ago. You owe me, Big Time." To an American, those were words of endearment and friendship.
  3. @source's question raises an interesting perspective. What if NCL stopped assigning "Ships" to continents and started assigning "Crews: to continents. Example: Any update o n the Officers assigned to Australia this season? LOL
  4. Whatever happened to Rule #1: If it ain't broke, don't fix it ?
  5. Cassie: You took me literally. I was being figurative. I had seen your post of officers. But even with "pink" high lighting of CD, I ignored it. From my personal experience and for my personal taste, a Cruise Director can do very little, if anything at all, to improve my cruise enjoyment. To me, they are usually full of themselves with egos that are fed enormous daily quantities of deity food by their adoring syncophant staff. I'd rather get to know the HD, F&BD, & Con who can provide services I need and instruct the CD to leave me alone. :cool:
  6. Duh, Who Dat? ;p I don't recognize his name. He may be a newcomer. But, I never spend much time with Cruise Directors. The only time I found them to be important was the equator crossing festivities. They decided who got the front row and participant seats.
  7. That's true but we don't want David's ego to take on a life of its own …;)
  8. In my opinion, David is among the top 5 Concierges in the NCL fleet
  9. Got email from Carlos informing me he moved as Concierge to the Jade to be aboard when we made Ambassador. Sadly, I had to inform him we had to cancel the cruise for "out of the blue" unexpected medical problems. He told him to stay on Jade into Fall of 2018 and Winter of 2019 when we finally finish Ambassador
  10. I think the solution to this conundrum is self apparent when reading a single sentence in each of your posts. If some one smiles at you when walking by, say hello and ask how their doing. That kick starts an interpersonal relationship.
  11. While I agree with everything you say, the chances of NCL waking up and smelling the coffee are very dim. The corporation is now controlled by a group who intentionally and with malice aforethought fired the "good customer relations" executive and hired the "show me the money" executive.
  12. "The Greatest Sin Is Mediocrity"