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  1. If we stay on the ship during a port day will they be open all day then?
  2. We are going on the Horizon for our first carnival cruise next August. Our kids are excited to go on the water slides and do the ropes course. Does anyone know the hours they are open on sea days and on port days? Thanks
  3. Our cruise is in August. When would we check in?
  4. What happened to the rest of the review
  5. How much more is a Havana interior room compared to a regular interior room?
  6. I contacted princess last week and asked them about our April 12th cruise that we are thinking of taking and they said the three for free sale does not apply for that cruise. She said the three for free sale is for summer cruises starting in mid-may
  7. We feel the same way. We have a cruise booked on the Carnival Horizon in August mainly for the ABC islands and because princess doesn't cruise to the Caribbean in August. We would rather cruise with princess but I guess we will try carnival for the first time.
  8. this sale stinks. We always Book 2 inside cabins next to each other so I put a hold on the two cabins waiting for this sale and now each cabin went up $160 from the last sale. It's a non-refundable deposit and I don't even see anything about onboard credit.
  9. I did look at the thread and our cruise is not listed for the three for free. I also asked our ta and she said our cruise is not part of that deal.
  10. GREAT another non refundable deposit.
  11. That says it's for Great Escapes but then on the bottom it says three for free deposit is nonrefundable.
  12. Does that deal have a non-refundable deposit?
  13. We are cruising April 12th 2020 on the regal and our cruise is not on the 3 for free list. My travel agent says starting September 10th the Great Escapes sale will start for our cruise. What do you get with this one?
  14. Did you do any movies at night by the pool? If so how was that experience?
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