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  1. To use a FCC - easy if you speak as you book to a good US agent. Ignore what you are told on board. Go by the good US agent. Obviously, you have to find some sort of special traveller of the seas to find a really good agent. But you may find one closer than you think.
  2. As a man, I ignore Elegant Casual and wear a lounge suit on all non-formal nights.
  3. All that is required is good manners. Normally people excuse themselves if they have to leave early, but I'm sure that you will be well aware of that from general life. During the day there is a civilised informality about the ship. In my experience it isn't as grand as Cunard would have you believe, especially from the American brochures. This is not, in any sense, an equivalent of First Class on the real RMS Queen Mary, and is in fact less grand than the desperately missed RMS Queen Elizabeth 2. That had a quality about it that was grand English Country House about it - QM2 is more glitzy. More American in many ways. Not that there is anything wrong with America. The evening is different. It is more formal. Black tie (tux for those on the wrong side of the pond) is the norm, but far from exclusive. A good lounge suit (business suit) is perfectly acceptable. You're students, so probably haven't the money for a good lounge suit and a good dress suit. One good lounge suit should be in the wardrobe of any man. It will do you EVERY night in the Britannia Restaurant - or even the Queens' Grill. Your girlfriend can no doubt mix and match accessories to enable double use of a dress on more than one occasion - I gather that sort of thing is quite possible. Not my department however, being a bloke. If you want to come by sea, which you clearly do, then QM2 is the way to do it, now that RMS Queen Elizabeth is no more. Don't be put off by it - most people on board are perfectly normal and live perfectly normal lives. Have a great time.
  4. Isn't it a little sad that we're even discussing this? Anyone who makes a comment should be taken outside and tipped over the rail.
  5. Arcadian Rhodes would be on..... Arcadia? And you are saying you can book on embarkation - on board? The question was can you book in advance for ORIANA BEFORE boarding. And no wonder the food was better in Arcadian Rhodes than the main mess hall - because the standard food in Arcadia is, quite frankly, appalling.
  6. What is wrong with platinum set diamonds? Classic and go with everything.
  7. That's the beauty of the Atlantic - you get some really good storms! Unfortunately, you are going on the southern route - bit of a softie route if you ask me - instead of the classic Southampton to New York. You get some really good storms there! None of this namby pamby fourteen foot swells! Proper force 10s!
  8. My dear, I would suggest posing this question on a Medical Board. It is my understanding that incontinency is a medical condition rather than a a cruise-related condition. Unless of course the incontinency is the result of not being able to hold one's liquor.
  9. I think it is rather gauche to have a stateroom, and would always book a cabin. However why not simply ask for smoked salmon? In my experience if you add it on to the list, it arrives.
  10. Twaddle. A great many don't have an issue, and quite a few wear them.
  11. Best seek advice on the Norwegian Ports board.
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