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  1. When you look at your account on TV do list what is refundable OBC versus nonrefundable OBC?
  2. Oh no say it is not so. I have quite a bit of OBC and was going to take the cash option, and cash out my non refundable OBC without paying the 5% fee. What ship were you on? ML
  3. This hotel is on my short list. Can you please report back. Enjoy your Cruise.
  4. This was most helpful. Please post your link. I would like to see what else there is.
  5. Hi, I am interested in knowing that as well. Is there a phone number on the gift card that you could post? I would like to buy a few gift cards and then book my next cruise in September as well. How long do you have before transferring your cruise to your agent? thanks ML
  6. The timeout website is great. Thank you for that suggestion.
  7. Thank you for the tips. I will definitely download the app.
  8. Thank you that makes sense. Do you know if it is $500 per cabin or per passenger?
  9. Thank you Will do and ask for cash advance at the casino. When I went to the RCCL FAQs about cash option it said the ship would provide more details when I check in. Do you know what those details are? ML
  10. Perfect. To confirm, if I do the cash option, I can go to the Casino cash out all of my OBC and not pay any 5% fee. At the end of the cruise I can give a credit card or pay with cash for any of my expenses. If paying by credit card, I would not incur any transaction fees for the purchasing of chips at the beginning of the cruise. I would like to get of all of my OBC up front and then put my expenses on my RC credit card for points. I know that I will not be using all of my OBC, so this would be a great option if I am allowed to do this. ML
  11. I have never done a cash account. My next cruise I am going to have a substantial amount of refundable and non refundable OBC. So if I do a cash account (how is that done?) and any non refundable OBC I can go and get casino chips I will not be charged a 5% fee. I then can go and cash in my chips without any additional fees. Would that be accurate? When do they give me the cash for any refundable OBC? Thanks again ML
  12. If you do cash type account, and you have refundable OBC left will they give you cash back?
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