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  1. I love all of these suggestions. Thank you
  2. I love CC everyone is so very helpful. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you very much. I will check out your suggestions.
  4. When I did call this weekend, they were able to give me a price. I just do not want to keep calling. I was hoping there was another way to get a price. Thank you ML
  5. Hi, Going a few days early before boarding the ship. Any suggestions for a hotel. We do not need to be near the cruise port, but near public transportation would be great, unless everything is walkable. Thank you ML
  6. Hi, It is not sold out. Cruise is not until June 2020.
  7. Hi, I booked an OV balcony guarantee. Without calling the cruise line or a TA is there anyway to check if the price has dropped. The only balcony guarantees I seem to be able to see are the neighborhood ones when I do a mock booking. Thank you ML
  8. Hi, Booked an OV Balcony Guarantee on the Oasis class ship. Was wondering what was the worse OV Balcony you ever had on this class of ship. Thank you ML
  9. Thank you for the tips. Looks like we will just do Capri and Blue Grotto, and Purchase return tickets when we arrive in Capri. ML
  10. Hi, We will be arriving in Naples and would like to do Capri, Blue Grotto and Sorrento on our own. We have been to Naples before and already hiked Mt. Vesuvius and visited Pompeii. Is it possible to do the above on our own and how would we return from Sorrento to Naples? how does one get around on Capri, are there buses or is everything walkable? Thank you ML
  11. Hi, Both my husband and I have the RCCL BOA CC. We have made the minimum purchases and have now qualify for the $150.00. We want to use it for our final payment. Can we both use our $150.00 towards final payment? Is it difficult to redeem the $150.00? I am using a TA is there a process that I need to follow? Is there a lead time? If I use it to prepay prior to final payment, and something happens and we cannot go will the money be refunded into my BOA account? I do not need any additional OBC, I already have $350.00 for my next cruise. Thank you ML
  12. On the Serenade in June. She was fine. Great ship, excellent condition and staff was very friendly.
  13. My OBC is now showing. When I received speciality dining from my TA I got a voucher with my documents. It should be on your invoice. Any TA OBC does not show in your cruise planner.
  14. Hi, My TA told me that it is corrected. However when I go to cruise planner I get a message from RCCL. Telling me that they are taking a vacation and are working on it. hopefully tomorrow RCCL will be back from vacation. 🤷‍♀️
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