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  1. Folks: I want to extend a quick thank you to all who provided names and contact info of tour guides. You are making our planning for next January very easy. We will be in Cape Town for three days prior to a Regent transatlantic cruise and plan to max out our excursions. Z and TB
  2. Sorry for the late response. Unfortunately, the only decent rum is Zacapa, which is an upsell. This is a sipping rum that I usually get one every couple of days. The well rum is Bacardi and I can only drink it with diet ginger ale since it tastes like you are biting into wood if you have it with coke. When you get home, try Dos Maderas. It is awesome on the rocks. Z and TB
  3. So sorry to hear your wonderful cruise is coming to an end. I have enjoyed reading this thread and sharing it with my wife along with all the great pics. Thank you for taking us along with you and we wish everyone a safe trip home. Z and TB
  4. Bonnie: if you can stay awake, there is a great restaurant just east of las Ramblas called Los Caracoles. Pam and I wish you a wonderful cruise and safe travels. We miss you and Debbie. Z and TB
  5. I am already applying for a loan to buy new swag at the Cadet Store. We will go to the campus on our own and walk around reminiscing about those long ago days. The cadet chapel is beautiful and not to be missed. Z and TB
  6. As TNR will tell you, I am fond of the pool bar in the afternoons. Look for the handsome guy with either a Yankees or Citadel Alumni baseball cap. If no cap, just look for the narcissistic loudmouth at the bar. Z and TB
  7. We were fortunate. That is exactly what we did. As soon as we booked, the well known travel outfit raised the price by four grand since we got their last F1 suite in their inventory. We were fortunate and we were also the squeaky wheel with our TA to expedite before the reservation and price point would disappear. Z and TB
  8. I believe that concierge level and up can fill out a form in advance through Regent. If less than a concierge suite, you can let your cabin attendant know exactly what you want in the fridge and also in the cabin. Hope this helps. Z and TB
  9. I regret to inform you that we just rebooked to your cruise! Heaven help us. It took a lot of haggling, but my TA did a great job and was able to get us an F1 cabin. We now have a little over a month to take care of all the arrangements. See you onboard. Z and TB
  10. Thanks! We are looking at the three options Regent is offering at a discount and may take the Lisbon to NYC cruise, which should be cheaper and limits the time away from TB and her cats. Waiting on the new pricing before deciding. Too bad that Regent is only offering three cruises to pick from if you want a discounted rate. Z and TB
  11. We are in the same situation. Unfortunately, Regent is only offering three cruises at a discount in lieu of the canceled cruise. We were really looking forward to this cruise. Z and TB
  12. Rachel: so glad to hear you are including us in your cruise. We wish you a great cruise, sunny skies, and calm seas. Z and TB
  13. If you can get the bartender to make you a real amaretto sour (or whiskey sour), these are our go to drinks for hanging by the pool. Please make sure that the bartender does not use sweet and sour, but squeezes a couple of lemons. Also, a classic daiquiri (not the fruity ones) go down smoothly on a warm Caribbean day. I gave the bartender my recipe and they were always on the money. Z and TB
  14. We have two cruises planned on Regent in 2024: Mariner departing 17 May Grandeur departing 24 Nov Both and Carib cruises. Check them out. I would also love to partake a little island rum with you. Z and TB
  15. Thanks for the plug. It encourages me to continue our "Live From" for our cruise scheduled for 17 MAY 24, although I have been accused of excessive corniness from The Boss. Z and TB
  16. Wow. Another classy person. Onboard, I ask for Mount Gay with diet ginger ale. I will look for Diplomático on our next cruise in May. ‘82, India Company. Go Dawgs! Z and TB
  17. Correction: I may have to get one onboard to see how good they may be. Z and TB
  18. Wow! I pay $17 for same at an upscale steak house in Port St Lucie, FL where we live. I may have to get one to see how good it may be. Z and TB
  19. Zacapa is fairly popular now and, believe it or not, it makes for an excellent rum old fashioned. I may have to make one today. Z and TB
  20. A little off topic, but us rum drinkers are in a worse state when it comes to onboard selection. First of all, Bacardi rum tastes like you bit into a two by four piece of wood. In addition, no self-respecting Puerto Rican (me) will drink it. Give us something drinkable like Don Q! Also, there are some wonderful sipping rums out there like Dos Maderas or Zacapa which would be nice to have onboard. Finished ranting. Z and TB
  21. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery. Get better and get back on board! Z and TB
  22. We will be on this cruise also! This will be our fifteenth Regent cruise and I have found that most complaints that I have witnessed are unwarranted. Make your own judgement and don’t stress it. Most of all, we hope you enjoy the cruise as much as we have in the past. Z and TB
  23. I have been to San Juan with Regent several times and have docked downtown as well as across the bay by the container terminal. In that case, a courtesy bus was made available to transport folks to/from Old San Juan. I believe it was a fifteen minute bus ride. Have a great time. It is one of my favorite ports. Z and TB
  24. Wow! The hits just keep coming. I think I would have wrapped myself around the anchor and jumped overboard by now. Love your attitude and we hope your cruise gets better along with the paltry comp being offered. Z and TB
  25. This was certainly a very informative thread. Thank you for the comparison of both lines, sharing of info, and your great sense of humor. Your comments have certainly influenced our future cruise planning. BTW, we certainly do not miss military moves also! Z and TB
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