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  1. After reading some reviews/info I am thinking a Jeep would be better. Has anyone rented a Jeep on Grand Turk? If so share do, donts,etc.
  2. How many people will a cart carry, are there different sizes?
  3. Stmar

    Conch Chowder

    Any suggestions for good conch chowder, maybe walking distance from the port or farther if it is worth the trip? What are the local transport choices for a group of 5?
  4. I see two Jack's Shacks on Google Maps. Is that correct and if so which one is best? How far a walk is it from the cruise port, to both? Also do they have good conch chowder and fritters? Conch is something I have not had in many years so I may make that my goal for Grand Turk.
  5. Cruising is the opposite of our everyday life. Very little water where we live, our boat is a canoe. Traveling with friends on a ship is enjoyable, sitting on the balcony drinking wine watching the ships pass by, having dinner together and gambling. Seeing multiple areas without changing rooms and unpacking only once.
  6. They called Carnival and were helped. Now they have full access. There were some issues with the name but they supplied their VIPFs and now all is right with the world, or at least the cruise. Thanks for the input. P.S. No difference in price from TA or Carnival.
  7. We are cruising on Carnival with two other couples. When we booked one of the couples went through what I guess you would classify as a travel agent, reputable online company. The other two couples went directly to Carnival. Now the couple that booked through the TA cannot access their Cruise Manager on Carnival. My fear is that they will have to do everything through the TA, they had to contact TA to get "linked" with us but I was able to link with the other couple through Carnival. Basically my question is: Will the TA couple ever be able to use the Carnival Manager? Right now they cannot get access, they do have VIPF numbers from a previous cruise. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I would do it immediately, they fill up fast and we got shut out last trip. If I recall you pay in full or at a certain time before you arrive. Email Mark and he will take care of you and explain the options, nice guy.
  9. We went with VIV and left our stuff in the van so no need for waterproof bag. Wear good shoes that you can get wet, long walk to starting point.
  10. I don't know your time in port but we didn't have time to do anything once we did the excursion. The tour is at least 5 hours and you add in tender time there was not any time to spare.
  11. Winds were a factor and our snorkel excursion took us on a long boat ride to a "protected" crowded location. Water was still rough and not as enjoyable as it could have been. Then we took a bus back to the port, captain said it would be too rough taking the boat back.
  12. I had water shoes with thin soles and no support, bad mistake. You walk a long ways, several river crossings and rocks rocks rocks. I would buy a cheap pair of tennis shoes since you don't foresee using them much.
  13. Don't see how you can make such a blanket statement about not taxing tips unless you know the tax laws of a lot countries. In the US people are taxed on their tips, the reason I tip in cash instead of adding it on my card. You are making my point about tipping in cash, less government oversight.
  14. We have been to both and would choose Maya Chan without hesitation. Jamies was plan B and was plan B, not bad but not on the par of Maya Chan.
  15. At the end of the pier you will see the excursion gathering area. If you can bluff your way through that gate you save a tremendous amount of walking, really helped a few of our group. They did try and reroute us but we just acted like we knew what we were doing so got past the security. Bus drivers did not even look up as we passed. We were the first from our ship to reach the taxi stand, a family from another ship shared our van and were complaining about the long walk, they docked some time before us.
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