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  1. We had issues with some taxi drivers in Abu Dhabi. There should be a sticker on the windows which tells you they have to use their meters by law....if they don't, you don't have to pay! This happened the first time we visited and when I pointed this out to the driver he then showed us that he did have the meter on....total cost 42AED, not the 100 he wanted to charge us.
  2. We are cruising on QM2 arriving in Flam on 7th Sept. We are scheduled to arrive at 7:30am and, according to Whatsinport.com, we are the only ship in that day. I was hoping to book Flam railway tickets but the only available times are 9am and 14:10. Can anyone who has done this trip let me know if it is doable to book the 9am train? My concern is if we are late arriving, or need to tender, that we will not make it in time. Thanks Roisin
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