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  1. mlmdaisy

    improvising an excursion in Balboa/ Panama City

    Thank you. We've negotiated good generic tours on many Caribbean islands but weren't sure that the same type of opportunity existed in Panama.
  2. We'll be on the Windstar in December and haven't seen anything to do in Balboa that we feel we need to commit to before we leave. Is this a port where we will be able to negotiate with a local operator when we get off the boat? Otherwise, does anyone have a recommendation for that port? We're much more confidant finding activities in Quepos and Puerto Jiminez but I'd still be grateful for recent recommendations. Thanks!
  3. mlmdaisy

    Transportation to ports in CR and Panama

    Thank you for the vote of confidence. We were on the Windstar last December for a Caribbean itinerary and, yes, it is wonderful! I have arranged a taxi from our hotel in Panama City to to port there but am still working on a transport from Puerto Caldera in Costa Rica. Anyone?
  4. I want to explore making my own arrangements to get to and from our ship (Windstar) for a December cruise. Can anyone recommend a service from Panama City to Colon? How about from San Jose CR to Puerto Caldera? Thanks!
  5. mlmdaisy

    Trujillo-Banana Coast, Honduras

    Who else is there besides Bodden? We'll be there in a few weeks.
  6. mlmdaisy

    Trujillo-Banana Coast, Honduras

    What about Bodden? has anyone used them in Trujillo. Do they offer anything other than the snorkel excursion?
  7. mlmdaisy

    Happy Fish

    Does anyone have experience with Happy Fish tours in Guatemala? Their prices are quite a bit lower than "Go with Gus" and I wonder if they are equivalent. I can find reviews only for their restaurant.
  8. mlmdaisy

    Trujillo-Banana Coast, Honduras

    We're also interested in the "behind the scenes" tour. I contacted the park people directly and they replied that the only way to get there is through the cruise ship excursions desk. Is that what everyone else has heard?
  9. mlmdaisy

    "Go with Gus" still in business??

    Thank you. I just sent a message to him. There are five of us so we are hoping to save some money and get a good tour.
  10. mlmdaisy

    "Go with Gus" still in business??

    I've e mailed inquiries for 12/31 to the "Go with Gus" link twice over the past few weeks. Indications are that my messages were successfully sent but I've still not heard anything back. Is it possible that they're not there around the holidays?
  11. mlmdaisy

    Banana Coast

    We'll be on the Ryndam next month and it goes to "Banana Coast". Is this essentially the same as Roatan or do we need to consider different option? Any advice is appreciated!
  12. mlmdaisy

    Nachi Booked

    I agree with everyone else although I find the day more enjoyable without excessive drinking. There's too much else to do (unless it rains). Can someone who's been there recently tell me what the taxi fare is RT this summer? I'll be there next month.
  13. mlmdaisy

    Cruise Excursions Ltd.

    Has anyone used this company to book excursions. The website lists a good variety of activities for many Caribbean islands at good prices. It seems to be something of a brokerage company for multiple operators. Does anyone know anything?
  14. mlmdaisy

    half day sail

    We would like to spend a few hours on a smaller catamaran or sailboat and do some snorkeling. We don't want a big party boat with lots of craziness. We're thinking something that takes out no more than 20 people. Any suggestions?
  15. mlmdaisy

    Help with Baths, please

    If all you want to do is to go to the baths I'd recommend that you just take the ferry on your own. You can walk to Speedy's dock from the ship. I believe that the fare is $30 RT. The taxi fare from the dock in Virgin Gorda to the baths is minimal. (I'm trying to find out if Speedy's accepts credit cards; I believe that they do). Seeing the baths requires some hiking and squeezing through tight spaces. There may not be facilities at the beach; there so some cruisers find this "roughing it". If you can negotiate the baths you'd have no trouble making it to the ferry dock and saving the money that way.