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  1. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel. My dad's health steadily declined after a hospital stay in January and subsequent care in a skilled nursing unit. He passed last month at 91. We have since shifted our attention over to my mother who, at 93, is going strong but has chronic ailments that require full time attention. Sorry that we're going to miss this cruise, but there are many more in the days ahead. Peace
  2. We are booked, but only for the first part. Both of my parent's birthdays are during the second week and they are in their 90s, so we want to be around to celebrate with them. We just never know...
  3. Well, we were this close || to booking and then, just like the Med cruise a couple of years back, we got into a real estate deal. So alas, we won't be on board. Didn't want to post that we were going because we hadn't put down deposit. In fact, I was going to call Nick with credit cards last week before I came down to Florida. Then Bill found out about an awesome condo in our complex and by Sunday night we were under contract. So much for a peaceful weekend in St. Pete. Nick was even holding an aft balcony for us. Having said that, we were looking forward to seeing the gang on board- Mark and Donny, Peter and Richard, Guy, Max and Bob, my birthday buddy Jim and partner Terry. Reuel, if you're on board? I've missed a few, I'm sure, and will miss all the NEW friends. You all have yourselves an AWESOME week in the sun. We'll be on another RSVP very soon, I'm sure. Jim & Bill
  4. HAHAHAHA! Oh Honey! I did not see this stop you on RSVP-TWICE! Love you and miss you! We are both well!
  5. [quote name='Boytjie']This Peter was on the 2007 Alaska cruise where we had great weather in Sitka and Ketchikan. ;)[/QUOTE] Noted. It was in fact the same cruise. The point was that we were able to walk off the ship and still take advantage of a great excursion without pre-booking.
  6. In 2005 we did not book a helicopter tour, but as it turned out most all of the later flights out of Juneau that day were grounded because of low cloud ceiling. However, later in the week, we walked off the ship in Sitka and saw a small sandwich board off to the side advertising float plane rides with Harris Air. No one was with us and since we had nothing planned we decided to give it a shot. Ask Peter-it was one of the most beautiful days of the entire cruise. The pilot took us up into the mountains above Sitka where we saw mountain lakes, goats, deer. We even made a short landing in a quiet secluded marsh where you could hear absolutely nothing but silence and the water lapping against the floats.
  7. [quote name='Boytjie']There are always bears on RSVP cruises, and a usual group is bearcruise.com.[/QUOTE] Thank you, Peter. I was trying to get the information out without actually posting the website.
  8. There's also a bear thread on G&L Cruisers (not the Roll Call board) where everyone has been posting what bear groups they're booked with.
  9. [quote name='texrik']Hubby and I are coming from Houston to do the Alaska cruise. Hope to meet some new friends on board. We have done close to 20 RSVP cruises over the years. Any BEARS cruising on this one? Richard and Mo[/QUOTE] I believe there is a large bear group on board within the RSVP charter. Check out bear cruise through Dan Howell.
  10. [quote name='pidaho1971']I've yet to book flights... Inbound, there isn't too much trouble- plenty of suitable itineraries to choose from. Outbound (on Sunday)- not so much. Either the flights available leave far too early (before disembarkation), or so late that I might as well stay another day and fly out on Monday.[/QUOTE] We' re actually staying after for a few days. Bill's brother and sis-in-law have a beautiful vacation home in Sequim, on the Olympic Peninsula. We were out there in 2007 and watched the Amsterdam leave for Alaska while we sat at their dinner table. Two months later, we were at dinner on the Amsterdam, looking for their home as we sailed out on our own Alaska cruise. :)
  11. [quote name='RandRCruiser']It's official. I've booked. Category J Single Traveler share program. So excited! Now to figure out the pre and post hotel and flights ...[/QUOTE] Finding that fares from PA to WA in July are going to be a pricey proposition, as are hotel accomodations. If anyone has any tips? Probably going to use priceline for Seattle hotel.
  12. Details? A better offer? Another gay company?
  13. [quote name='Boytjie']We are planning a trip to Thailand later this year, no can do both.[/QUOTE] Wasn't it South Africa last time? :)
  14. Generally speaking, Aquafest, Pied Piper, and other gay tour groups offer charters on larger straight cruises. They don't have enough people to fill the ship. Pied Piper's Post Thanksgiving cruise is probably the largest gay charter on a straight cruise, filling almost half the ship, depending on capacity. Atlantis and RSVP are all gay, all the time:)
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