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  1. We lost multiple European cruises over the last 1&1/2 years. Would love to rebook a European cruise in 2023 using the FCC and OBC. Anyone know when this schedule might be posted. I believe we have until September 30th or we lose the OBC. We already have a cruise planned in 2022 and don't have the time for more than that cruise.
  2. what happens if you have on board credit dollars left at the end of the cruise ? Is there a way you can get the remaining cash ?
  3. So, I just got a hold of a carnival customer service supervisor, Shawnta, and she helped me through this process. She explained that the only way to hold onto your FCC is to accept the full refund when you got the cancellation letter. We did not realize this and instead took the $600.00 OBC offered on the letter. Shawnta was able to cancel our recently booked Legend cruise and started the process over. She refunded our money and we were given back our 25%FCC. She then rebooked the Legend. We did lose the $600.00 OBC, but we were better off this way. Thank you Carnival and Shawnta for doing the
  4. We received a 25% FCC when the Mardi Gras transatlantic was cancelled. We used that when we rebooked on the Radiance in Europe. Well, that cruise was just cancelled as well. We just rebooked on the Legend in Europe next year thinking the money and FCC from the Mardi Gras was going to cover the new cruise, BUT, after booking , we found out a week later, they were not going to let us use that FCC from the Mardi Gras. So, we lost about $800.00 . It doesn't seem right. They cancelled BOTH cruises and we lose our FCC. Anyone else have this problem ?
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