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  1. Looking into options for grand cayman with an 18mo old. In January. Royal Palms has ‘oceanfront lounge’ cabanas that seem to actually have a decent view per their website (the others seem to be behind most of the chairs of people) - has anyone gotten these and have any comments? would this be a decent beach day with a toddler? There are 3 ships in port on that day (weekday) so not sure if it will be too crowded to be enjoyable or not. I’ve seen some pictures of the area overrun with people and that wouldn’t be fun. would calico jacks | public beach be better? also considering a private boat charter to take us around and maybe spend some time at more secluded beaches but not sure how great this would be with the baby. Looking for some guidance. Thanks
  2. great, thanks - that is helpful. so the Carnival vista always lists its arrival and departure times based on the embarkation port time, not based on local time
  3. Surprisingly, the whole ship time vs port time thing seems to be very confusing and inconsistent. I've searched and seems like every ship and every company does it differently. For the purposes for booking shore excursions outside of Carnival, does a 7am-3pm time listed on the itinerary in Cozumel (leaving from galveston on the carnival vista) mean 7a-3p or does it mean 8a-4p?
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations for companies that would facilitate cenote scuba diving from cozumel on a pretty tight schedule? My ship arrives in cozumel at 7am and departs at 3pm. Apparently there is a ferry that runs once an hour so I think it should be possible to catch the 8am ferry, get to playa at 830am and have 4hours for transport, diving and return and then catch the 1pm ferry back to cozumel. Has anyone done something like this or have any recommendations? Better still would be a company that picks me up in cozumel and takes care of everything including bringing me back - it would allow for more time diving or 2 dives instead of 1, although I'm sure it'll be more expensive for a private boat charter/etc. Not sure if this is feasible or not.
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