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  1. Haha! I can just imagine my 70+ yr old mom base jumping the cruise ship....luggage and all...😜😂 Thanks everyone for the helpful info and opinions! I am going to have my mom talk with her friends and come up with a solid plan, and plan B. They get on board this Saturday so once they get back on the 18th I will let you all know how it went!! Thanks again for making this board a great resource!!
  2. How long is it generally for an UberXL to be onsite for the pickup? I know uber varies by number of drivers available/time of day/etc but more wondering if there are plentiful drivers at that time of morning and many XL options because of so many getting off the ship with large suitcases? If they are readily available, pickup could potentially be faster than if the private driver is behind schedule. I love the having a private driver and think this is probably their best bet on making it however I have had an experience in Athens where we were able to get off the ship earlier t
  3. Hi there Just wanted some experienced opinions! My mom will be taking a cruise with some friends and I found out that they have, what feels like to me, a short window from ship to flight time after they disembark the ship. I personally havent ever been on RC so I dont know how the morning goes and I hope that im worrying about nothing. Here are the details. They come into Port of Miami on the Empress with the schedule showing 7am port time, they need to get to FLL for a 10:40 flight and will need to check bags, it will be a sunday so hopefully traffic wont be too much of a factor.
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