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  1. No what is nonsense is to not plan for an emergency! By your strategy getting hurt is rare so why get insurance? Best to plan for situations yourself rather than rely on hopefully some "provision" will be made!
  2. YES, this was past final payment from a cruise last May. We are on the Liberty NOW from where the let us MOVE to without any loss
  3. YES YES Disregard any no response! You will have problems getting off the ship without a passport if the ship had to divert to any other port that what you left at. An emergency could cause this without niotice!
  4. I'm seeing different prices, so wonder if each ship is different? on the Liberty now and get $39.99 discount or two free 24 hour periods. $19 for one day on one device - So I used my discount for two 24 hour periods the first few days, my wife used hers on Thursday to get a package for the last 3 days of cruise free
  5. When my wife was out for a knee replacement Royal allowed us to MOVE it to another date without any loss. if you booked Non-refundeable might have to pay $100 fee
  6. When visiting the lounge ask for a can of soda "to go" - don't waste it as a choice to the room We used to bring some on the ship but started asking for this to go and keep a few in the fridge to use during the cruise
  7. Sorry, just saw this while I was making the other post. You answered my question about what was on the key. Dec 2018 for 3 weeks our regular room key was gold with our name on it. The Extra Key was only for Diamond Lounge. So we had breakfast and Lunch in Giovanni's
  8. With a GOLD card we had access to Breakfast and Lunch in Giovanni's. We were told this is a Suite / Pinnacle privilege
  9. Did the Gold card have your name on it? We had regular Gold card issued, then the extra key for the Diamond lounge, our Gold card only opened the Suite lounge. All six trips in this room we were told we are treated like a Suite Room
  10. Well if you had a GOLD card like we did then should have been able to use Giovanni's for breakfast and lunch. All we did was show the Gold card one time when going in to eat then never carded again. Our gold card got us into the Suite Lounge in 2017. Last December (2018) used our Gold card for Suite lounge and a 2nd key issued for Diamond Lounge
  11. We have been in this room 6 times the past two years and always got a GOLD card. now they claim has only ever been free ice cream and access to the lounge?
  12. Question to anyone that has been in the Sweet room? Has anyone been told you would have all the privileges of being in a Suite room to include a GOLD card? We have been in this room 6 times over the last 3 years and were told we had all the Privileges of the Suite room and have 6 gold cards to show for it. Well in the room this year NOW, and told we get only ice cream and access to the suite lounge room (we are D+, so NOT a biggy for us) . They asked for proof we have been offered any other benefit before but not even sure if we saved anything back at home. I remember when we booked being told access to Giovanni for breakfast and lunch, which required a GOLD Card. But no PROOF we were told this? So has anyone saved paperwork that showed any other benefits of the room?
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